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Strategies and policies

It is important that we have strategies and policies in place in order to ensure that our long-term goals translate into actions on the front line and that we have efficient and effective processes. It is through this that we can deliver high quality services and improve outcomes in our communities.

Corporate Strategy

A new and updated Corporate Strategy was approved at the full Council meeting on the 21st November 2023. Our community has been through a huge period of disruption and its vital that we respond to make sure that the right services and support measures are in place to protect our borough. The new strategy puts greater focus on some of the big issues that have a major impact on wellbeing including housing, community facilities and access to good jobs as well as a thriving town centre. The new priorities are:‚Äč

  • housing where residents can live well
  • a green and sustainable borough
  • an enterprising economy with vibrant local centres in urban and rural areas
  • healthy, safe and engaged communities

New projects will drive forward action to benefit residents and businesses in every area of Chorley. Our commitment to the environment and doing more to address climate change remain central to our plans over the coming years with key actions identified this year.

View more information on our Corporate Strategy


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