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Charging Schedule

Calculation of the CIL charge

The Council will calculate the amount of CIL payable ("chargeable amount") in respect of a chargeable development in accordance with regulation 40 of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010, (as amended).

CIL will be charged on the total net additional floorspace created (measured as a gross internal area).

The formula to calculate the charge is set out below:

Chargeable amount = CIL charge rate x net chargeable floor area x BCIS Index figure for the year in which permission was granted / BCIS Index Figure

In the above calculation the BCIS Index figure on the top line is at the date of planning permission and on the bottom line at the date of the charging schedule.

The net chargeable floor area equates to the gross internal floor area of the chargeable development minus the gross internal floor area of any existing buildings that qualify for exemption on the site.

The CIL Rates shall be tied to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, "All in Tender Price Index"; the rate charged will therefore alter depending on the year the planning permission for the chargeable development is first granted.

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