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Missing dog or pet

For many of us, a cat or dog is an important member of the family. To lose a pet can be a distressing and painful experience.

There are a number of things that you can do which may help you find your missing pet:

  • make sure that the contact details are correct on your pet's Microchip and report your pet missing to your Microchip company.
  • contact rescue organisations such as RSPCA, SSPCA, Cats Protection and local rescue centres.
  • get in touch with your local vet practices in case someone has reported your pet found to them.
  • Report your missing pet to us, the details will be held on a register, and you will be contacted if a pet is found of this description or matches the microchip details provided.

Collecting your dog from the kennels

If a missing dog has been collected by us and taken to the kennels, there will be a fee due before the dog can be released.

  • kennelling fee - dependant on the kennel fees
  • reclamation fee - £80 plus any kennelling, transport and any veterinary fees incurred.

Full payment must be made before your dog is returned; this should be paid to the kennels.

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