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Local Housing Allowance rates

LHA rates 1 April 2024 to April 2025


LHA categoryBroad Rental area 
 Central Lancashire (based on 30th percentile of rents)East Lancashire (based on 30th percentile of rents)
Shared accomodation rate£70.00£67.08
1 bedroom£103.56£97.81
2 bedroom£132.33£109.32
3 bedroom£149.59£136.93
4 bedroom£212.88£182.96

(1) To work out the number of bedrooms you need view more information on Local Housing Allowance or ask an advisor.

(2) This is the maximum rent we could use to work out your housing benefit. The amount of benefit you are actually entitled to depends on your household circumstances such as the ages of you and your family, any disabilities you or family members might have, your income and capital and the amount of rent you are charged.

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