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Health and Safety statement of intent

South Ribble Borough Council fully acknowledge our statutory responsibilities and obligations regarding health, safety and welfare and are fully committed to achieving the highest possible standards throughout the Council. 

The Council will ensure that all our premises are safe and that employees, visitors, service users, contractors and any other persons are not exposed to risks arising from our activities. 

We will do everything reasonably practicable to provide a safe and comfortable workplace and will ensure that health and welfare requirements are fully considered. In order to meet these objectives, the Council will: 

•       Ensure adequate resources are made available to effectively implement the safety management system. 

•       Provide suitable instruction, training and information for all employees. 

•       Ensure that suitable arrangements are in place for the safe use, handling, storage and transportation of articles and substances for use at work. 

•       Ensure that all work equipment is suitable for its intended purpose and maintained in a safe condition. 

•       Fully assess all risks and ensure that they are adequately controlled. 

•       Ensure that any work designated High Risk is covered by an appropriate 'safe system of work' before work commences. 

•       Ensure that each of our premises remain as safe as possible. 

•       Ensure adequate resources are available for health and safety management. 

•       Regularly review and update our health and safety management system following changes to legislation or in our working practices.  In any event this policy will be reviewed annually. 

We are committed to continuous improvement of our health and safety performance and as such we expect our employees to play their part and to recognise that they too have responsibilities towards health and safety.  We will encourage them to take positive measures to improve anything which they feel is unsafe and puts themselves and others at risk. 

To be effective everyone within South Ribble Borough Council will play their part to ensure that the above standards are achieved.                                                                                              

Signed by


Chris Sinnott - Chief Executive Officer      Date - January 2023          

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