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A fair local economy that works for everyone

Creating a fair local economy that works for everyone

A council that:

⦁    Increases access to training and jobs
⦁    Grows and supports sustainable businesses
⦁    Invests in improving the borough

How will we reach these goals? We will:
Implement the community wealth building action planTo retain wealth and grow the local economy. The project will focus on year one actions to start the movement in South Ribble, including a progressive procurement framework and social value policies
Deliver year 1 of the Town DealIncluding the bid to central government and preparatory works
Establish a business support programmeTo meet the longer term needs of businesses as they recover from covid19


How will we know if we're succeeding?

⦁    We will measure the impact of activity to increase social value and build community wealth (indicator to confirmed)
⦁    The overall employment rate in South Ribble will be greater than the North West average (74.9% 2019)
⦁    The percentage of 16 - 17 year olds not in education, employment or training (NEET) is reduced (3.5% 2019)
⦁    Median workplace earnings in the borough will be better than the average for the North West region. (NW average currently £555.80)

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