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Thriving Communities

What is a thriving community?

Thriving communities are places where:

⦁    Residents have positive mental health
⦁    People get involved and have a sense of belonging
⦁    Communities can access services and support when they need them

How will we reach these goals? We will:
Establish South Ribble Together hubsAgreeing plans for neighbourhood areas and a borough food bank network
Deliver a mental health support programme for young peopleBuilding on the recommendations of young people who took part in the MH2K project
Establish a youth councilBy working with schools to promote democracy and design a model that works for young people


How will we know we're succeeding?

⦁    South Ribble will have fewer neighbourhoods in the 10% most deprived according to the indices of multiple deprivation (currently 3 areas)
⦁    The percentage of the population with NVQlevel 3 or above will increase (60.6%, 2019)
⦁    Number of residents benefiting from opportunities created by the communities team (baseline count 2020)
⦁    Number of people who have successfully completed basic digital skills training (baseline count 2020)
⦁    The percentage of people who feel they belong to their local area will increase (69%, 2020)
⦁    The percentage of people who feel involved in the local area and decision making will increase (18%, 2020)
⦁    The percentage of people who think the Council acts on the concerns of local residents will increase (54%, 2020)

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