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Dangerous Buildings and Structures

If a building or structure poses a potential danger to the public, we can take the appropriate actions to remove the danger. 

You can report a dangerous building or structure by contacting Building Control during office hours on 01772 625467, or out of office hours on 01772 625499.

We have legal powers to require owners of the building or structure to carry out remedial works or we can, without notice, instruct contractors to make the building or structure safe. We will also offer structural advice to the emergency services following fires or vehicular damage.

If you consider a building or structure dangerous then do not attempt to enter or go near the structure.

The danger must be considered imminent for the council to take action.  General disrepair is not considered dangerous.  If in doubt please contact us.

We will respond to all reports of a dangerous building or structure.  During working hours we will endeavour to attend within 3 hours. Out of working hours we will attend if a surveyor is available or the next working day.


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