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Building Control Charges

Building Control Charges: document contents

Explanatory Notes


1.0 Before you build, extend or convert, you or your agent must advise your local authority either by submitting Full Plans or a Building Notice. The charges payable depends on the type of work, the number of dwellings in a building and the total floor area. The following tables may be used in conjunction with the current scheme to calculate the charges. If you have difficulties calculating the charges, please contact the Building Control Office on 01772 625423.

2.0 Charges are payable as follows:

2.1 Should you submit Full Plans you will pay a plan charge at the time of submission to cover their passing or rejection.

2.2 With Full Plans submissions, for most types of work, an inspection charge covering all necessary site visits will be payable following the first inspection.

2.3 Should you submit a Building Notice, the appropriate Building Notice charge is payable at the time of submission and covers all necessary checks and site visits.

2.4 Should you apply for a regularisation certificate, regarding unauthorised building work, commenced on or after 11 November 1985, you will pay a regularisation charge to cover the cost of assessing your application and all inspections. The charge is individually assessed, but typically will be a minimum of 150% greater than the gross Building Notice charge.

3.0 Table A:Charges for small domestic buildings e.g., certain new dwelling houses and flats. Applicable where the total internal floor area of each dwelling, excluding any garage or carport does not exceed 300m² and the building has no more than three storeys, each basement level being counted as one storey. In any other case, Table D applies.

4.0 Table B: Where work comprises more than one domestic extension the total internal floor areas of all the extensions shown on the application may be added together to determine the relevant charge. Please note however, the area of loft conversions or loft conversions may not be aggregated to an extension but a 50% discount can be applied. If the extension(s) exceed 100m2 or three storeys in height then Table D applies (subject to a minimum plan charge equal to a minimum build cost of £100,000).

5.0 Table C:Standard charges for minor works to dwellings.

6.0 Table D: Applicable to all other building work not covered by Tables A, B, C or D. Total estimated cost means an estimate accepted by the local authority of a reasonable cost that would be charged by a person in business to carry out the work shown or described in the application excluding VAT and any professional fees paid to an architect, engineer or surveyor, etc., and also excluding land acquisition costs.

7.0 All other non-domestic works will be individually determined.

8.0 Exemptions/reduction in charges:

8.1Where plans have been either approved or rejected no further charge is payable on resubmission for substantially the same work.

8.2Works to provide access and/or facilities for disabled people to existing dwellings and buildings to which the public have access are exempt from charges. In these regulations 'disabled person' means a person who is within any of the descriptions of persons to whom section 29(1) of the National Assistance Act 1948 applied, as that section was extended by virtue of section 8(2) of the Mental Health Act 1959, but not taking into account amendments made to section 29(1) by paragraph 11 of schedule 13 to the Children Act 1989. The work must be for the sole use of the disabled person.

With the exception of the regularisation charge, all local authority Building Regulation charges are subject to VAT at 20%.


Table A

Standard charges for new housing (up to 300m2 floor area) or for new dwellings formed by conversion or change of use
 Plan Deposit ChargeInspection ChargeTotal Charge
Basic chargeInc. VATBasic Charge Inc. VATBasic charge Inc. VAT


For more than 5 dwellings or if the floor area of the dwelling exceeds 300m² the charge is individually determined.

Table B

Standard charges for certain small buildings, extensions and alterations to dwellings
Charges for certain small buildings, extensions and domestic alterations
ProposalPlan deposit ChargeInspection chargeBuilding Notice Charge
Basic ChargeInc. VATBasic ChargeInc. VATBasic ChargeInc. VAT
Category 1: Extensions to dwellings
Extension(s): Internal floor area not exceeding 5m²125.00150.00200.00240.00325.00390.00
Internal floor area over 5m² but not exceeding 40m²150.00180.00250.00300.00400.00480.00
Internal floor area over 40m² but not exceeding 70m²150.00180.00350.00420.00500.00600.00
Internal floor area over 70m² but not exceeding 100m²150.00180.00500.00600.00650.00780.00
Category 2: Garages and carports - Erection or extension of detached or attached building or an extension to a dwelling
Which consists of a garage, carport, or both, having a floor area not exceeding 60m² in total and is intended to be used in common with an existing building & the conversion of an attached garage into a habitable room100.00120.00200.00240.00300.00360.00
Category 3: Loft conversions and dormers - Formation of a room in roof space, including means of access thereto. fees for lofts greater than 40m² are to be based on the cost of work. The fee cannot be less than shown below:
Erection of room in roof space with a floor area not exceeding 40m² (without dormer)150.00180.00250.00300.00400.00480.00
Erection of room in roof space with a floor area not exceeding 40m² (with dormer)150.00180.00300.00360.00450.00540.00


Table C

Standard charges for all alterations to dwellings
ProposalPlan Deposit ChargeInspection chargeBuilding notice charge 
Basic chargeInc. VATBasic chargeInc. VATBasic chargeInc. VAT
Installation of replacement windows and doors in a dwelling where the number of windows/doors does not exceed 20100.00120.00IncInc100.00120.00
Underpinning with a cost not exceeding £30,000250.00300.00IncInc250.00300.00
Controlled Electrical work* to a single dwelling (not carried out in conjunction with work being undertaken that falls within Table B)250.00300.00IncInc250.00300.00
Renovation of a thermal element i.e. work involving recovering of a roof, replacement of a floor or renovation of an external wall to which L1b applies100.00120.00IncInc100.00120.00
Formation of a single en-suite bathroom/shower room or cloakroom within an existing dwelling (excluding electrical work)200.00240.00IncInc200.00240.00
Removal of load bearing wall and insertion of steel beam/s150.00180.00IncInc150.00180.00
Installation of heating appliance to a single dwelling e.g. Wood burning stove.200.00240.00IncInc200.00240.00
Conversion of conservatory to solid roof construction.200.00240.00IncInc200.00240.00


* Not carried out under a Competent Person Scheme. All other work within dwellings will be charged as set out in Table D.

Table D

Standard charges for all other work not in Tables A, B and C
Estimated costPlan Deposit ChargeInspection ChargeBuilding notice charge
FromToBasic charge Inc. VATBasic charge Inc. VATBasic charge Inc. VAT


Where it is intended to carry out additional work on a dwelling at the same time as undertaking an extension within Table B then the charge for this additional work (as indicated in Table D) shall be discounted by 50% subject to a maximum estimated cost of less than £10,000.

Notes: All the above charges are on the basis that any controlled electrical work is carried out by a person who is a member of a registered Competent Person Scheme, if this is not the case an additional charge will apply.

Where the estimated cost of work exceeds £100,000 the charge will be individually assessed by South Ribble Borough Council Subject to a minimum plan fee of £250.00 + VAT and inspection fee of £650.00 + VAT

Table E

Other standard charges
Category of workBasic ChargeInc VAT
Copy of Completion Certificate or Decision Notice25.0030.00
Building Regulation Confirmation letter (eg, letter of exemption)67.5081.00
Supply of information relating to Building Regulation applications or calculated by hourly rate if greater than 1 hour.67.5081.00
Service of Section 81 (Building Act 1984): Demolition Counter notice (No VAT)150.00-


Contact details

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Building Control Technician - Ben Hill

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Building Control Apprentice - Ronan Macfarlane

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Technical Support Supervisor - Lianne Mason

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Technical Support Officer - Sam Buchanan

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