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Building Control Charges

Table C

Standard charges for all alterations to dwellings
ProposalPlan Deposit ChargeInspection chargeBuilding notice charge 
Basic chargeInc. VATBasic chargeInc. VATBasic chargeInc. VAT
Installation of replacement windows and doors in a dwelling where the number of windows/doors does not exceed 20100.00120.00IncInc100.00120.00
Underpinning with a cost not exceeding £30,000250.00300.00IncInc250.00300.00
Controlled Electrical work* to a single dwelling (not carried out in conjunction with work being undertaken that falls within Table B)250.00300.00IncInc250.00300.00
Renovation of a thermal element i.e. work involving recovering of a roof, replacement of a floor or renovation of an external wall to which L1b applies100.00120.00IncInc100.00120.00
Formation of a single en-suite bathroom/shower room or cloakroom within an existing dwelling (excluding electrical work)200.00240.00IncInc200.00240.00
Removal of load bearing wall and insertion of steel beam/s150.00180.00IncInc150.00180.00
Installation of heating appliance to a single dwelling e.g. Wood burning stove.200.00240.00IncInc200.00240.00
Conversion of conservatory to solid roof construction.200.00240.00IncInc200.00240.00


* Not carried out under a Competent Person Scheme. All other work within dwellings will be charged as set out in Table D.

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