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Central Lancashire Local Plan

Memorandum of Understanding and Statement of Co-operation

Recognising the relevant development plan policy relating to the supply of housing in Central Lancashire was adopted in 2012, the Central Lancashire authorities (namely Preston City Council, South Ribble Borough Council and Chorley Council) will now apply the standard method formula to calculate the aggregate minimum number of homes needed across the area. This is in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework and National Planning Practice Guidance.

This is being done through a Joint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Statement of Co-operation (SOC), which was subject to consultation and has now been approved and signed by each Council. The Councils will therefore work together to monitor housing completions and five-year housing land supply positions against these requirements.

The three Councils are implementing a distribution of housing based on robust evidence. A Central Lancashire Housing Study was produced by consultants Iceni prior to the MOU consultation, and an updated version has been produced following feedback received during the consultation. This document is available to view in online evidence base.

The evidence contained within the Central Lancashire Housing Study recommended that the most appropriate distribution of the minimum number of homes needed in the area (subject to future review) is 40% for Preston, 32.5% for South Ribble and 27.5% for Chorley.

Consultation outcomes report - dated March 2020, which summarises the issues raised in the consultation, and our responses to those issues.

The approved Memorandum of Understanding and Statement of Co-operation  - signed and dated May 2020 

The MOU and SOC was taken through the relevant delegation / Full Council approval processes for each Council. It was approved by Chorley Council on 25th February, South Ribble Borough Council on 26th February 2020, and Preston City Council on 17th April 2020. Following approval by all three Central Lancashire Councils, the MOU became effective in April 2020.

Since the MOU was signed the housing need figure has changed following the release of the most recent median work-placed affordability ratios.  As a result this has changed the standard need figure for the three Councils and the new requirement is reflected in the updated SOCG dated May 2020.

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