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Your Council Tax bill explained

What we do with your money

Though we collect your Council Tax, we only keep around 12p of every pound collected.

The rest of your Council Tax money is paid to Lancashire County Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire, and Lancashire Combined Fire and Rescue Authority. 

We are the 'billing authority'. Though we collect the money for all the other major and parish preceptors, we are not responsible for their charges and increases. Any questions about price increases by other preceptors should be made to them directly. 

We use our portion of your Council Tax to continue to fund our services for South Ribble residents. These services include:

  • Waste collection
  • Street sweeping and grounds maintenance
  • Leisure and sports pitches
  • Culture and related services
  • Planning Services 
  • Housing Services
  • Environmental Health Services

2023/24 Council Tax figures

Below are the Band D figures for all the preceptors for 2023/24, along with the percentage change when compared to 2022/23.

South Ribble Borough Council£223.24£223.240.00%
Lancashire County Council£1514.29£1574.71+ 3.99%
Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire£236.45£251.45+6.34%
Lancashire Combined Fire and Rescue Authority£77.27£82.27+ 6.48%
Total£2051.25£2131.67+ 3.92%


2023/24 banding charges

The following table provides details for the banding charges in parishes during the year 2023/24. 

BandRange of valuesProportion of Band D Council Tax
AUp to and including £40,0006/9
B£40,001 to £52,0007/9
C£52,001 to £68,0008/9
D£68,001 to £88,0009/9
E£88,001 to £120,00011/9
F£120,001 to £160,00013/9
G£160,001 to £320,00015/9
HMore than £320,00118/9


The following table compares the banding charges by individual parishes during the year 2023/24. 

Parish or areaBand ABand BBand CBand DBand EBand FBand GBand H
Little Hoole£1,437.60£1,677.20£1,916.80£2,156.40£2,635.60£3114.79£3,594.00£4,312.79
Much Hoole£1,430.79£1,669.25£1,907.71£2,146.18£2,623.11£3100.03£3,576.96£4,292.35
Samlesbury and Cuerdale£1,447.25£1,688.45£1,929.65£2,170.86£2,653.28£3135.69£3,618.10£4,341.72
All other areas£1,421.12£1,65.97£1,894.82£2,131.67£2,605.38£3079.08£3,552.79£4,2603.34


Lancashire County Council and Adult Social Care Charges 2023/24

For 2023/24 Lancashire County Council (LCC) have increased their overall council tax charge by 3.99%, 2% to fund Adult Social Care and 1.99% to fund General Expenditure.

Adult Social Care services (ASC) support some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. They support those in old age and adults with disabilities. Due to an ageing population, demand on adult services has significantly increased pressure on the council's budget. The extra council tax income raised by the ASC precept helps to reduce this financial pressure.

The ASC precept was introduced by the Government in 2016/17. It allows councils that provide social care to adults (LCC) to increase their share of council tax. When you receive your council tax bill you will notice the following sentence: 'The council tax attributable to Lancashire County Council includes a precept to fund adult social care.' This is a statutory sentence by Government legislation and refers to the separate line on your bill relating to the Lancashire County Council Adult Social Care precept.

The Government states that the ASC precept must be shown as a separate charge on all council tax bills. The way that we work out this increase and show it on the council tax bills is prescribed by The Council Tax (Demand Notices) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2017. By law, any increases on your council tax bill must be shown to the nearest decimal point - which means that the 1.99% general expenditure increase must be shown as 2%.

Useful authority contacts

We are the 'billing authority'. Even though we collect the money for all the other major and parish preceptors, we are not responsible for their charges and increases.

Any questions about price increases by other preceptors should be made directly to them.

Websites for Lancashire services: 

Parish Council websites:


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