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World Environment Day Virtual Event

On Friday 4 June, we'll be celebrating World Environment day by sharing useful information on the changes we can all make to help tackle climate change, what work is happening across the borough, by the council and other groups in the community.

The theme of this year's World Environment Day is Ecosystem restoration. Ecosystem restoration can take many forms:

  • Growing trees
  • Greening cities
  • Rewilding gardens
  • Changing diets
  • Cleaning up rivers and coasts

This is the generation that can make peace with nature.

Further information on World Environment Day and the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration can be found at World Environment Day 2021 (

What is the council doing across the borough to help tackle climate change?

In 2019 the Council declared a climate emergency, setting a target for the Borough to be carbon net zero by 2030.

The was followed by the Council's climate emergency strategy, setting out those areas we will be focusing on in the coming 9 years to meet this net zero status by 2030.

In order to reduce carbon emissions we will be targeting -

  • transport
  • energy and the built environment
  • waste and water
  • consumption

We will also consider carbon off-setting options, though our priority is carbon reduction actions

In addition the strategy acknowledges the local effects of climate change, and what will need to be done to protect the Borough against climate change effects such as infectious disease, food safety, and flooding.

 View our Climate Emergency Strategy

This year we will publish our climate emergency action plan, detailing the short, medium and long term actions we will be taking to deliver the strategy.

What's happening across the Borough?

A key part of our climate change work is tree planting in the borough - with a target of 110k trees by 2025 - that's one for every resident of South Ribble.
So far, with the help of partners and residents, over 62k trees have been planted in South Ribble in areas such as Worden Park.

We are also working to encourage active transport by providing safe, high quality walking and cycling routes across the borough. We are a registered provider of Bikeability Training in schools across the Borough to promote active transport amongst our younger residents, whilst allowing them to travel safely.

We're encouraging the use of electric vehicles by installing EV charging points at another 4 locations in South Ribble during 2021 - this is addition to the existing ones at the Civic Centre.

We're also working to continue to install carbon reduction measures in our council buildings plus our new housing development, the McKenzie Arms will also include solar panels, cycle storage facilities (to encourage active transport), as well as electric vehicle charging points and enhanced building insulation.

Our planning service work with developers to consider active transport around the Borough, energy efficiency standards of new buildings, providing an infrastructure for electric vehicles.

We have also run other campaigns such as anti-idling campaign to create awareness and help reduce emissions from cars that have their engines running while stationary, such as outside schools.

In the future, as Covid restrictions lift, we hope to do more work with schools, businesses and residents involved in our work to tackle climate change, so please keep an eye on our social media channels.

How is the council leading by example?

As a large employer in the Borough, it's important that we lead by example.

  • We have a rolling programme to change our Council fleet over to electric vehicles for our colleagues who work out and about across the borough, to help reduce emissions.
  • We continue to implement more carbon reduction measures within council buildings, such as solar panels, LED lighting, and improved building management systems to make our buildings energy efficient.
  • We will also be working to improve the carbon emissions of Council run events and as an organisation we also seek to reduce our purchase and use of high energy commodities, for example single use plastics which we have already committed to eliminating the use of by 2025.
  • When we look to purchase products, the green agenda is always in our thoughts - for example, consideration of where the products are coming from in order to reduce transport miles.
  • The climate emergency will be integrated into all induction training for staff and elected members.
  • To encourage our employees to use active transport, as an employer, we offer initiatives such as the cycle to work scheme, plus we have installed Electric Vehicle Charging points at the Civic Centre (as well as other locations in the borough) to encourage the use of electric vehicles.
  • The last 12 months have accelerated our investment into technology to enable remote working where possible which has allowed our response to the pandemic and our vital services to continue. This has reduced the corporate mileage, and the miles being driven by employees.

These are just a few of the things we have been doing or working towards, there is much more.

What are local community groups doing?


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