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Wildflower meadows

As well as brightening up the borough, our urban wildflower meadows are vital for our ecosystem. They provide pollinators, such as bees and butterflies and other insects, with food shelter and places to breed.

In 2023, following positive feedback from residents, South Ribble Borough Council will add 3 new sites to its urban wildflower planting programme. Seeds will be sown shortly after Easter in the following 46 areas.

Bamber Bridge, Walton-Le-Dale, and Higher Walton

  • Withy Grove Park - on right at entrance to leisure centre on Brindle Rd
  • Brownedge Road where the Bamber Bridge football sign is on the grass
  • Gregson Lane Playing Field
  • King George V Higher Walton - on mound on left at entrance
  • Holland House bank on left at entrance
  • Carrwood Road/Millwood Road opposite The Hunters Pub
  • Along verge on Carrwood Way
  • Roundabout at junction of Carrwood Road, Carrwood Way & Valley View
  • Bellis Way at rear of playground
  • Hennel Lane on banking in front of houses
  • Roundabout at top of Brownedge Road - as you cross over to Bamber Bridge
  • Outside the Hob Inn at Bamber Bridge
  • Corner of Cinnamon Hill Drive North and Chatsworth Way

Leyland and Farington

  • Moss Side Village Green
  • St John's Green Opposite 34,32,30, 28 Bannister Drive
  • Broadfield Drive Opposite St Mary's Church
  • Dalehead Road Green
  • Farington Park - where paths meet near Bashall Grove
  • Leyland Way - on banking
  • In front of Mini Golf at Worden
  • Tractor Roundabout
  • In front of Bobby the horse
  • Field at end of Cowling Way (can be seen from Schleswig Way)
  • Western Drive
  • Bent Lane
  • Field next to Barnhey/Leyland Lane
  • Leadale Green
  • Buckshaw Village - near SR sign on Central Ave
  • Buckshaw Village - roundabout on Central Ave
  • Shruggs Wood (perennial)
  • Tank Roundabout


  • Kingsfold Drive/ Hawksbury Drive end by fence on banking
  • Hawksbury Drive opposite shops
  • Pope Lane Park
  • Triangle on Cop Lane next to the cycle path through to HGP
  • Margaret Road - land not available for a meadow this year because of work underway along the Ribble.
  • Queensway
  • Marshalls Brow - opposite Middleforth Green Park car park, on grass triangle
  • Bank Top Road playground

Western Parishes

  • Much Hoole Playing Field, Northern Avenue
  • Shirley Lane, Longton
  • Hutton Playing Field wildlife area (perennial)
  • Lindle Lane/Lindle Close, Hutton                                                                                  
  • Front of hedge from Hutton to Longton
  • The Grove Longton
  • Gill Lane Walmer Bridge/junction of bypass
  • Dob Lane Walmer Bridge/junction of bypass

Lostock Hall

  • Todd Lane South, before the railway bridge
  • Patch of land at junction of Wateringpool Lane and Mercer Road 
  • The roundabout at The Cawsey and Leyland Road


Wildflower locations are reviewed annually with some locations being changed or removed. When preparing the ground for the coming season, the dormant seeds in the ground are disturbed which then germinate faster than the seeds sown. To alleviate this a particular area will be left to fallow for the coming season. That site will be revisited the following year to assess its suitability for an urban flower meadow

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