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Tree Giveaways

Our Tree Giveaways are back bigger and better!

So far, we have given away over 1300 trees and over 5000 hedging whips and this year we are giving away even more.

Our Tree Giveaway events planned for this November have been postponed until early next year. Due to the mild Autumn, the trees aren't as established as we'd like and would stand a much better chance of thriving if they were given to residents at a later date.

Join us for a free tree or hedge on:

  • 15 January 2022, 09:00 until 12:00 at Worden Park
  • 22 January 2022, 09:00 until 12:00, Withy Grove Park

There'll be up to three hundred broad-leaf trees and up to four thousand mixed species whips for hedging or woodland planting, plus we'll be providing planting and maintenance advice along with planting guides.

This year we would also love to see residents working together to replace their old fences with a beautiful mixed species hedgerow, no painting, no worrying about panels blowing down in the wind, just a wildlife friendly, easily maintained, flower filled, bee buzzing, bird nesting hedge to enjoy all year round.

All trees being given away are native to the UK and require little or no maintenance and each tree offers something for your garden.

Species available (Trees 120-150cm, hedging 60-90cm)


Birch trees have a relatively transparent crown and let a lot of light through offering dappled shade for a seating area or to offer shade to a garden room or patio.

Crab Apple

Crab apples, once established, flower in abundance and bees love them, in the Autumn the tree fills with crab apples for local wildlife, or if you fancy a go at making a crab-apple jam then go ahead.


Rowan trees are also great for pollinators and once established provide an abundance of berries for birds in the Summer and come Autumn the leaves put on a fabulous display of colour, the berries however aren't for human consumption.


Even if you have visited our previous tree giveaway events, if your garden could fit more hedging or another tree or two, pop down for a top up.

We would love to see some photographs of your trees and hedges from our previous giveaways - please share by posting on or tagging our social media pages.

We are also marking COP 26 (UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) at the SEC - Glasgow 2021) with our tree giveaway, and whilst the conference is taking place in Glasgow this tree planting locally provides carbon offsetting benefits and well as all the other benefits tree bring such as reduced flooding and biodiversity.

Let's get planting and get nature buzzing in South Ribble.

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