We are responsible for grass cutting on public open spaces including football pitches, certain churchyards, highway verges and play areas. We cut some of these areas on behalf of Lancashire County Council (LCC).

The grass cutting season will usually be April to October depending on weather and ground conditions. The majority of grass cutting is carried out on a 3 week schedule. If you see any uncut or untidy grassed areas, then please report them to us. Please note that you will only be able to report grass cutting for areas that we maintain.

We do not collect grass clippings, but we will clear the footpaths using a blower.

Areas where bulbs have been planted will be left uncut for about 6 weeks after they have flowered to ensure that the plants flower the following season.

Report grass that needs cutting

Wildlife corridors

Some grassed areas are left long and only cut back at the end of the growing season to help provide habitat for insects and other animals. We will cut the area next to the road or near junctions to ensure that sight lines remain unaffected.

Damage to highway verges

We cut highway verges on behalf of LCC, but we are not responsible for reinstating the verges if they are damaged. If you see a highway verge that needs repairing, then please report it to Lancashire County Council (LCC).

Report vegetation and trees

Bollards on highway verges

Any requests to have bollards, stones or posts installed on highway verges need to be approved by LCC. You can also report any issues with bollards to LCC.

Report an issue with a bollard to LCC