Potholes on pavements and roads

We are not responsible for potholes in the roads or pavements, the responsibility for these sits with Lancashire County Council (LCC). LCC will only respond to the pothole notifications if the pothole is:

  • 40mm deep or over if on a road
  • 25mm deep or over if on a pavement or crossing.

If you see any potholes on the roads or pavements, then please report them to LCC. You will need to provide:

  • the location of the pothole
  • the approximate width and depth 
  • a description
  • your email address 
  • up to 5 photographs (photographs are optional - only take a photo if it is safe to do so).

Report a pothole to LCC

Potholes on South Ribble land

We are responsible for potholes on council owned land such as Worden Park or town centre car parks. 

We inspect council owned land for potholes regularly, but If you notice any potholes in these areas, then please report them to us by emailing info@southribble.gov.uk so that we can investigate.