Obstructions on adopted highways

Lancashire County Council (LCC) are responsible for all adopted roads and pavements. Any obstructions on either the road or pavement should be reported directly to LCC.

Report an obstruction in the road to LCC


Obstructions on private roads or un-adopted highway

Obstructions on private roads are the responsibility of the landowner, on new housing estates this is often the developer. We do not hold information on private land ownership, but you can use the land registry to access these details.


Check if a road is adopted 

Unadopted streets are those streets that are not maintained by Lancashire County Council. Alternately, they are owned by individuals or organisations, who have the responsibility to undertake repairs. Ownership of these types of roads is usually linked to the ownership of adjoining land and can include roads, paths and alleyways to the back of properties.

The opposite of an unadopted street is an adopted street, which Lancashire County Council have an obligation to maintain as the highway authority for the area.

There is no comprehensive list of unadopted streets.

Lancashire County Council have an online mapping tool where you can check your street's status.

Please view our adopted streets page for more information.