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South Ribble Residents' Survey 2021

survey results

Why we conduct resident surveys

South Ribble council is committed to listening to residents and conducts a biennial residents' survey to understand residents' opinions about aspects of the quality of life in your local area. Regular resident surveys provide feedback on what is most important to people and form a core element of the council's performance monitoring. The findings from the surveys support continuous improvement, provide context for policy development, inform service delivery and review.

How we conducted the residents' survey

The council commissioned an independent survey provider to undertake a survey of residents on the following topics - 'Your Local Area' and 'Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19)'. Questions relating to the 'Local Area' include core questions from LG Inform benchmarking (data from the LG Inform is gathered using telephone methodology).

A mixed methodology was used over two collection periods (tranches). For 'Tranche 1' letters were posted out to a random sample of residents across the borough inviting them to complete the survey online. The survey was also open to complete for any residents visiting the Council's website, and completion was encouraged/ advertised through the Council's social media channels. A total of 613 surveys were completed at the close of the first window in November 2021.  For 'Tranche 2' letters were posted out to a separate random sample of residents, requesting them to complete the survey online or by returning a paper copy. A total of 578 surveys where completed at the close of the second window in January 2022. The grand total of responses was therefore 1,191.

The data from the survey has been weighted to be representative of the South Ribble Council area by age, gender, and ward. The results of the survey are shown as a percentage. Any 'missing data' due to individuals not completing all question has been excluded from the 'weighted' analysis.

South Ribble Residents Survey 2021 Results

Perceptions of the council

  • 75% of residents are satisfied overall with the way the Council runs things
  • 47% of residents agree that the Council provides value for money
  • 70% of residents felt that they belong to their local area

Your local area

  • 85% said that overall, they are satisfied with their local area as a place to live
  • 58% of residents felt safe when outside in their local area after dark
  • 90% of residents felt safe when outside in their local area during the day

Satisfaction with the local area as place to live increased with age:

  • 65 years and over - 88%
  • wholly retired form work - 88%

A strong sense of belonging to the local area increased with age and was more prevalent in those 'wholly retired form work':

  • 16 -34 years - 61%
  • 65 years and over - 76%
  • wholly retired form work - 75%

Satisfaction with local services

  • waste and recycling collection - 83%
  • parks and green open spaces - 79%
  • keeping public land clear of litter and refuse - 65%
  • sport and leisure facilities - 50%

The Council's Priorities 2022/23

In 2022/23 we will see further development and investment in key programmes all of which aim to support our communities to thrive; to drive forward innovations that allow us to continue being an exemplary council; to develop a fair local economy that works for everyone across the borough; and to deliver good homes, greener spaces and healthy places for residents.

What you said...The Council is delivering...
50% of residents were satisfied with sport and leisure facilitiesWe are investing £1.6m to improve your existing leisure facilities

65% of residents were satisfied with keeping public land clear of litter and refuse services

Things you said needs most improving:

  • litter and street cleaning
We are investing £200k to target fly tipping and environmental improvements across the borough to enable clean and safe local areas for residents
54% of residents thought that the Council acts on the concerns of local residents
  • our Youth Council will be established to ensure the views of young people are heard
  • we are continuing the community hubs to engage and support communities

Things you said needs most improving:

  • activities, community facilities and entertainment
  • we are delivering a major musical event 'Music in the Park 2022' at Worden Park
  • we are investing £2.379m in open spaces, play areas and parks
  • we will also invest £200k for improvements to smaller open space and play areas across the borough

Recovering from the pandemic you said you were most concerned for:

  • the physical health of their friends and family
  • the mental health of their friends and family
  • their own mental health
  • we are investing £200k to support businesses in recovering from the impact of Covid
  • we are providing a £200k fund to invest in sports clubs and community organisations to continue and grow following the impacts of the pandemic


 View  results of the latest residents' survey (PDF) [802KB]


Other ways to have your say

You can find out about other ways you can have your say on our consultations webpage.

For more information about the  residents' survey, please contact the Council's performance team at


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