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Planning applications

Once you’ve registered on the 'Public Access' planning system you can view, submit and comment on applications online.

You will be able to view Ordnance Survey maps and all other documents submitted as part of a proposal.

The council is committed to consulting neighbours, statutory bodies and other parties who could be directly affected by planning applications. We want to hear your views so that we can take them into account when considering planning applications.

We want to hear from you whether you are supporting or opposing a development. To make sure your views are not misinterpreted we can only accept comments in writing. Before writing to us you are strongly advised to view the application form and plans. If a number of people share your views you may wish to organise a petition or a joint letter. Please note that any letters we receive are open to public inspection.

The best way to give us your views is on the Public Access system, which is available via the link below.

As the Local Planning Authority, South Ribble Borough Council collects, processes and stores personal information about you in order to administer and assess planning applications, and to fulfil certain legal obligations with respect to planning.  To find out more about how we process your data please refer to the Council’s Privacy Policy for Planning