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Pickerings Farm - Public Inquiry

Appeal Refs: APP/F2360/W/22/3295498 & 3295502

Pickerings Farm Site, Flag Lane, Penwortham, Lancashire, PR1 9TQ

The decision was made on 20th November 2023 by the Secretary of State. Click here for further information regarding the appeal decision


Taylor Wimpey UK and Homes England have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate for a review of the decisions in respect of the following applications which were refused by the council at its Planning Committee on 30 November 2021.  A public inquiry opened at 10.00am on Tuesday 23 August 2022 at the Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland, PR25 1DH, where the council defended its decision for refusal.  The Inquiry closed on Friday, 9 September 2022.

  • 07/2021/00886/ORM - Outline planning application with all matters reserved except for the principal means of access for a residential-led mixed-use development of up to 920 dwellings (Use Classes C3 and C2), a local centre including retail, employment and community uses (Use Classes E and Sui Generis), a two form entry primary school (Use Class F), green infrastructure, and associated infrastructure following the demolition of certain existing buildings (referred to as Application A)
  • 07/2021/00887/ORM - Outline planning application with all matters reserved except for the principal means of access for a residential development of up to 180 dwellings (Use Classes C3 and C2), green infrastructure and associated infrastructure (referred to as Application B)

The Inspector appointed to decide the appeal is P Hanna MSc MRTPI.  

Documents relating to the public inquiry were added to this web page before, during and after the Inquiry.

You can view the Inquiry via YouTube.

When a decision has been made, it will be published on the Planning Inspectorate's website.


Core Documents 
CD RefDocumentPrepared byDateRef/Rev No
Planning Inquiry Timetable Public Inquiry Timetable (PDF) [97KB]
CD1 Application Documents and Plans
 Application A Plans   
CD1.1 Planning Application Form and Certificates (Application A) (PDF) [192KB]  Avison Young09/08/2021 
CD1.2 Red Line Parameter Plan (PDF) [509KB] 5plus05/12/2018MP_00_1000 Rev 101

Land Use Parameter Plan Application A (PDF) [629KB]



MP_00_1001 Rev 105

CD1.4 Building Heights Parameter Plan Application B (PDF) [519KB] 5plus05/12/2018MP_00_1002 Rev 102
CD1.5 Demolition Parameter Plan (PDF) [514KB] 5plus05/12/2018MP_00_1003 Rev 101
CD1.6 Illustrative Masterplan Application A (PDF) [1MB] 5plus27/07/2021MP_00_1004 Rev 100
CD1.7 Bee Lane Access Plan (PDF) [380KB] Vectos04/08/2021VN211918-D105
CD1.8 Penwortham Way Access Plan (PDF) [332KB] Vectos22/07/2021VN211918-D103
 Application B Plans   
CD1.9 Application Form and Certificates Application B (PDF) [190KB] Avison Young09/08/2022 
CD1.10 Red Line Parameter Plan Application B (PDF) [508KB] 5plus05/12/2018MP_00_2000 Rev 102
CD1.11 Land Use Parameter Plan Application B (PDF) [553KB] 5plus02/06/2021MP_00_2001 Rev 103
CD1.12 Building Heights Parameter Plan Application B (PDF) [519KB] 5plus02/06/2021MP_00_2002 Rev 103
CD1.13 Illustrative Masterplan Application B (PDF) [1MB] 5plus28/07/2021MP_00_2004 Rev 100
 Application A and B Plans   
CD1.14 POS Provision (PDF) [3MB] XQAFeb 2019755_102 Rev K
CD1.15 Phasing Plan (PDF) [1MB] 5Plus05/08/2021MP_00_4005 Rev 100
CD1.16 Revised Masterplan (Apps A and B) (PDF) [49MB] 5Plus/Vectos/XCQ/AYAugust 2021 
CD1.17 Design & Access Statement incorporate Design Code (Apps A & B) (PDF) [72MB] 5Plus/Vectos/XCQ/AYAugust 2021 
CD1.18 Supporting Planning Statement incorporating IDS (Apps A & B) (PDF) [10MB] Avison YoungAugust 2021 
CD1.19 Affordable Housing Statement (PDF) [3MB] Tetlow KingAugust 2021M21/07/07.01.RPT
CD1.20 Employment & Skills Report (PDF) [277KB] Avison YoungAugust 2021 
CD1.21 Waste Management Strategy (PDF) [1MB] StantechAugust 2021332510663 Rev V1.0
CD1.22 Biodiversity Net Gain Report and Calculation (PDF) [4MB] TEPAugust 20216900.03.008
CD1.23 Construction Environmental Management Plan (Apps A and B) (PDF) [48MB] DM SafetyAugust 2021Rev 2
CD1.24 Statement of Community Involvement (PDF) [7MB] Avison YoungAugust 2021 
 Environmental StatementTaylor Wimpey HomesAugust 2021 
CD1.25 Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF) [89KB] Avison Young  
CD1.26 Chapter 2 - Approach (PDF) [248KB] Avison Young  
CD1.27 Chapter 3 - Site Description (PDF) [1005KB] Avison Young  
CD1.28 Chapter 4 - Alternatives (PDF) [81KB] Avison Young  
CD1.29 Chapter 5 - Proposed Development (PDF) [163KB] Avison Young  
CD1.30 Chapter 6 - Planning Policy Context (PDF) [170KB] Avison Young  
CD1.31 Chapter 7 - Ecology and Nature Conservation (PDF) [401KB] TEP  
CD1.32 Chapter 8 - Archaeology and Heritage (PDF) [156KB] CgMs  
CD1.33 Chapter 9 - Landscape and Visual (PDF) [425KB] XQA  
CD1.34 Chapter 10 - Ground Conditions (PDF) [273KB] RoC  
CD1.35 Chapter 11 - Flood Risk and Drainage (PDF) [251KB] Lees Roxburgh  
CD1.36 Chapter 12 - Transport and Access (PDF) [711KB] Vectos  
CD1.37 Chapter 13 - Air Quality and Dust (PDF) [701KB] REC  
CD1.38 Chapter 14 - Noise and Vibration (PDF) [820KB] REC  
CD1.39 Chapter 15 - Socioeconomics (PDF) [282KB] Hatch  
CD1.40 Chapter 16 - Health (PDF) [680KB] Stantech  
CD1.41 Chapter 17 - Climate Change (PDF) [968KB] Wardell Armstrong  
CD1.42 Chapter 18 - Cumulative Effects (PDF) [210KB] Avison Young  
CD1.43 Chapter 19 - Summary of Mitigation and Residual Effects (PDF) [252KB] Avison Young  
CD1.44 Environmental Statement - Volume 1 - Non-Technical Summary (PDF) [8MB] Avison YoungAugust 2021 
 Appendices to Environmental Statement   
CD1.45 Appendix 1.1 - EIA Competent Experts (PDF) [84KB] Avison YoungJune 2021 
CD1.46 Appendix 2.1 - EIA Scoping Report - FINAL incl Appendices (PDF) [77MB] GVA How PlanningNovember 2018Revision 2 (Final)
CD1.47 Appendix 2.2 - Scoping Opinion 17 December 2018 (PDF) [614KB] South Ribble BC12/12/201807/2019/8539/SCO
CD1.48 Appendix 5.1 - The Lanes CEMP (PDF) [48MB] Taylor Wimpey/Homes EnglandAugust 2021Rev 2
CD1.49 Appendix 7.1 - Desk Study (PDF) [2MB] TEPJune 2018Revision 2 (Final)
CD1.50 Appendix 7.2 - Phase 1 Habitat Survey (PDF) [6MB] TEPJuly 20216900.03.006
CD1.51 Appendix 7.3 - Hedgerow Assessment update (PDF) [4MB] TEPJuly 20216900.03.009
CD1.52 Appendix 7.4 - Tree Survey Report (PDF) [1MB] TEPAugust 20216900.03.010
CD1.53 Appendix 7.5 - Badger Survey (PDF) [1MB] TEPJuly 20216900.005
CD1.54 Appendix 7.6 - Barn Owl Survey (PDF) [8MB] TEPJuly 20216900.03.007
CD1.55 Appendix 7.7 - Bat Activity (PDF) [1MB] TEPSeptember 20196900.003
CD1.56 Appendix 7.8 - Bat Roost 2019 (PDF) [4MB] TEPAugust 20196900.006
CD1.57 Appendix 7.9 - Breeding Birds (PDF) [4MB] TEPAugust 20196900.010
CD1.58 Appendix 7.10 - Wintering Birds (PDF) [2MB] TEPAugust 20196900.004
CD1.59 Appendix 7.11 - GCN (PDF) [2MB] TEPAugust 20196900.001
CD1.60 Appendix 7.12 - Water Vole (PDF) [1MB] TEPSeptember 20196900.002
CD1.61 Appendix 7.13 - bat roost survey 2021 (PDF) [8MB] TEPJuly 20216900.03.003
CD1.62 Appendix 8.1 - Historic Environment Desk-Based Assessment (PDF) [4MB] RPS21/7/2021JAC27425
CD1.63 Appendix 9.1 Photoview Sheets (PDF) [2MB] Xanthe QuayleJuly 2021 
CD1.64 Appendix 10.1 - Phase 1 SI (PDF) [68MB] ROC Consulting08/07/2021R1
CD1.65 Appendix 10.2 - Utilities Report (PDF) [17MB] TDS02/08/2021 
CD1.66 Appendix 10.3 - Geo-Environmental Assessment Report (PDF) [68MB] Brownfield Solutions LtdOctober 2020NS/C4259/9441 Rev A
CD1.67 Appendix 11.1 FRA (PDF) [47MB] Lees RoxburghAugust 20216337/R2
CD1.68 Appendix 12.1 - Transport Assessment (PDF) [19MB] VectosJuly 2021VN211918
CD1.69 Appendix 12.2 - Travel Plan (PDF) [2MB] VectosJuly 2021VN211918
CD1.70 Appendix 12.3 - Transport Assessment Drawings (PDF) [13MB] VectosAugust 2021VN211918-G104
CD1.71 Appendix 12.4 - Bus Stops (PDF) [1MB] VectosAugust 2021VN211918-G102
CD1.72 Appendix 13.1 - ADMS INPUTS (PDF) [732KB] EnsafeAugust 2021AQ105914
CD1.73 Appendix 13.2 - Sensitivity Analysis Impact Assessment (PDF) [789KB] EnsaveAugust 2021AQ105914
CD1.74 Appendix 13.3 - Damage Cost Assessment (PDF) [324KB] EnsaveAugust 2021AQ105914
CD1.75 Appendix 14.1 - Noise surveys results (PDF) [56KB] Taylor Wimpey and Homes EnglandAugust 2018 
CD1.76 Appendix 14.2 - Traffic data for noise assessment (PDF) [178KB] VectosBaseline 2021 
CD1.77 Appendix 16.1 -LSOA (PDF) [2MB] Stantec  
CD1.78 Appendix 16.2 -Ward Boundaries (PDF) [2MB] Stantec22/07/2021 
CD1.79 Appendix 16.3 - Site Location (PDF) [2MB] Stantec22/07/2021 
CD1.80 Appendix 16.4 - Indices of Multiple Deprivation (PDF) [1MB] Stantec20/08/2019 
CD1.81 Appendix 16.5 - Population Over 65 (PDF) [2MB] Stantec22/07/2021 
CD1.82 Appendix 16.6 - Population Under 18 (PDF) [1MB] Stantec22/07/2021 
CD1.83 Appendix 16.7 - Population Unemployed (PDF) [10MB] Stantec22/07/2021 
CD1.84 Appendix 16.8 - Residents with Bad or Very Bad General Health (PDF) [10MB] Stantec23/07/2021 
CD1.85 Appendix 16.9 - Residents whose Day to Activities are Limited (PDF) [10MB] Stantec23/07/2021 
CD2 Statutory Consultee Responses
CD2.1 Arboriculturist (PDF) [34KB] Daniel Rigbye10/10/2021 
CD2.2 Archaeology (PDF) [120KB] Doug Moir LCC Historic Environment Team06/10/2021 
CD2.3 Cadent Holding (PDF) [872KB] Plant Protection Team23/09/2021 
CD2.4 CStep CalicoTEP email (PDF) [704KB] Vanessa Conlin16/09/2021 
CD2.5 CStep Calico Headline KPIs NSAfC Outline 2016 KPIs CBA v2 (PDF) [483KB]  22/09/2021 
CD2.6 CStep Calico Residential Benchmarks (PDF) [108KB]  22/09/2021 
CD2.7 Electricity North West Limited (PDF) [975KB] ENW Asset Protection23/09/2021 
CD2.8 Environment Agency (PDF) [205KB] Carole Woosey22/09/2021 
CD2.9 Environmental Health (PDF) [325KB] Neil Martin Senior EHO16/11/2021 
CD2.10 GMEU (PDF) [239KB] Teresa Hughes Senior Ecologies16/11/2021 
CD2.11 GMEU (PDF) [239KB] Teresa Hughes Senior Ecologist22/11/2021 ? 
CD2.12 HSE WebApp (PDF) [165KB] WebApp27/11/21 ? 
CD2.13 Lancashire Fire and Rescue (PDF) [211KB] Amy Ball23/09/2021 
CD2.14 Lancashire Police (PDF) [817KB] Rachel Hines01/10/2021 
CD2.15 LCC Education Assessment (PDF) [563KB] LCC17/09/2021 

LCC Education Schools Planning Enquiries 07/2021/00886/ORM (PDF) [190KB]

LCC Schools Planning Team08/10/2021 
CD2.17 LCC Lead Local Flood Authority 07-2021-00887-ORM (PDF) [112KB] LCC Schools Planning Team08/10/2021 
CD2.18 LCC Highways Final (PDF) [271KB] Neil Stevens20/10/2021 
CD2.19 LCC Highways Initial (PDF) [169KB] Neil Stevens28/09/2021 
CD2.20 LCC Lead Local Flood Authority 07-2021-00886-ORM (PDF) [117KB] Steven Warren08/10/2021 
CD2.21 LCC Lead Local Flood Authority 07-2021-00887-ORM (PDF) [112KB] Steven Warren08/10/2021 
CD2.22 National Highways (PDF) [1MB] Warren Hilton30/09/2021 
CD2.23 Natural England (PDF) [167KB] Consultations Team27/09/2021 
CD2.24 Network Rail (PDF) [1MB] Diane Clarke09/11/2021 
CD2.25 Penwortham Town Council (PDF) [142KB] Steven Caswell Town Manager03/11/2021 
CD2.26 Planning Policy Team (PDF) [106KB] Zoë Harding25/10/2021 
CD2.27 Planning Policy Team Open Space & Playing Pitch Requirements (PDF) [165KB] Zoë Harding22/10/2021 
CD2.28 Preston City Council 07-2021-00886-ORM (PDF) [301KB] Robert Major Principal PO07/10/2021 
CD2.29 Preston City Council 07-2021-00887-ORM (PDF) [300KB] Robert Major Principal PO07/10/2021 

LCC PROW Team Response (PDF) [1MB]

LCC Public Rights of Way and PROW Map (PDF) [2MB]

Linda Anderson29/10/2021 
CD2.31 LCC Public Health (PDF) [130KB] Dr Sakthi Karunanithi06/10/2021 
CD2.32 Sport England Holding (PDF) [227KB] Planning Admin Team  
CD2.33 Sport England (PDF) [917KB] Janet Belfield Principal Planning Manager05/11/2021 
CD2.34 Strategic Housing (PDF) [84KB]  15/11/2021 
CD2.35 United Utilities (PDF) [513KB] Tracy Churchman Planning Analyst03/11/2021 
CD2.36 UU Standard Conditions (PDF) [902KB]  July 2015 
CD2.37 Wildlife Trust (PDF) [382KB] David Dunlop Conservation Officer29/10/2021 
CD3 Application Representations
CD3.1 Neighbour Notification Letter (PDF) [66KB]    
CD3.2 Site Notice (PDF) [105KB]    
CD3.3 Press Notice (PDF) [462KB]    
CD3.4 List of addresses notified (PDF) [340KB]    
CD3.5 Interested Parties Representations (PDF) [12MB]    
CD4 National Planning Policy and Guidance
CD4.1National Planning Policy FrameworkMHCLG20/7/21v3.0
CD4.2National Planning Practice GuidanceDLUHC/MHCLG24/6/21 
CD5 Local Planning Policy and Guidance   

Central Lancashire Core Strategy (Full Document)
Policies 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 14, 15, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30

Preston CC/South Ribble BC/Chorley BCJuly 2012 
CD5.2South Ribble Local Plan (Full Document)
Policies A2, C1, G8, G10, G11, G12, G13, G16, G17, H1
SRBCJuly 2015 
CD5.3South Ribble Local Plan Policies Map (pdf)
South Ribble Local Plan Policies Map (interactive)
SRBCJuly 2015 
CD5.4 Inspector's Report Central Lancashire Core Strategy (PDF) [173KB] Planning Inspector - Richard E Hollox BA(Hons) BSc(Econ) MPHIL FRTPI FRICS07/07/2012PINS/D2320/429/7
CD5.5Local Plan Inspector's ReportPlanning Inspector - Susan Heywood BSc (Hons) MCD MRTPIJune 2015PINS/F2360/429/2
CD5.6Penwortham Town Neighbourhood Development PlanPenwortham Town CouncilMarch 2017 
CD06 Supplementary Planning Documents   
CD6.1Employment and SkillsPreston CC/South Ribble BC/Chorley BCSeptember 2017 
CD6.2Open Space and Playing PitchPreston CC/South Ribble BC/Chorley BCAugust 2013 
CD6.3Biodiversity and Nature ConservationPreston CC/South Ribble BC/Chorley BCJuly 2015 
CD6.4Design GuidePreston CC/South Ribble BC/Chorley BCOctober 2012 
CD6.5Affordable HousingPreston CC/South Ribble BC/Chorley BCOctober 2012 
CD6.6Renewable and Low Carbon EnergySouth Ribble Borough CouncilMay 2014 
CD7 Miscellaneous Documents   
CD7.1Air Quality Action Plan 2018South Ribble Borough CouncilDecember 2018 
CD7.2Central Lancashire Highways and Transport MasterplanLancashire County CouncilMarch 2013 
CD7.3CIL Charging ScheduleSouth Ribble Borough Council01/09/2013 
CD7.4 PROW Definitive Map (PDF) [955KB] South Ribble Borough Council17/03/2021 

TPO No 2 2021 (PDF) [828KB]

TPO 1st schedule (PDF) [17KB]

TPO Location Map (PDF) [123KB]

South Ribble Borough Council17/03/2021 
CD7.6 Planning Advisory Note Low Emissions and Air Quality (PDF) [2MB] South Ribble Borough CouncilNovember 2020 
CD7.7Housing Land Position Statement and update to Strategic Housing Land Availability AssessmentSouth Ribble Borough CouncilApril 2022 
CD7.8 The Lanes Masterplan 2019 (PDF) [63MB] 5PlusDecember 2019 
CD7.9 The Lanes Design Code 2019 (PDF) [52MB] 5PlusDecember 2019 
CD7.10 Masterplan final 2020 (PDF) [85MB] 5PlusAugust 2021 
CD7.11 Design Code 2020 (PDF) [21MB] 5PlusAugust 2021 
CD8 Committee Documentation   
CD8.1 Planning Committee Report (PDF) [4MB] South Ribble Borough Council29/11/2021 
CD8.2 Planning Committee Report Addendum (PDF) [759KB] South Ribble Borough Council29/11/2021 
CD8.3 Decision Notice 07-2021-00886-ORM (PDF) [120KB] South Ribble Borough Council30/11/2021  
CD8.4 Decision Notice 07-2021-00887-ORM (PDF) [120KB] South Ribble Borough Council30/11/2021 
CD8.5 Planning Committee Minutes (PDF) [217KB] South Ribble Borough Council29/11/2021 
CD09 Appeal Publicity   
CD9.1 Neighbour Notification Letter (PDF) [134KB] South Ribble Borough Council25/04/2022 
CD9.2 List of addresses notified (PDF) [340KB] South Ribble Borough Council25/04/22 
CD9.3 Press Notice (PDF) [468KB] South Ribble Borough Council11/08/2022 
CD9.4 Appeal Site Notice (PDF) [60KB] South Ribble Borough Council  
CD010 - Appeal Documentation   
CD10.1 Appellant Appeal Application Form (PDF) [62KB]  24/03/2022 
CD10.2 Appellant Statement of Case (PDF) [1MB] Avison YoungMarch 2022 
CD10.3 LPA Statement of Case Final (PDF) [307KB] SRBC25/5/22 
CD10.4 Statement of Common Ground 6 June 2022 Signed by AY Signed by JN (PDF) [271KB] Avison Young/SRBC08/06/2022 
CD10.5See CD10.81LCC Highways/Vector To follow
CD10.6 Air Quality Statement of Common Ground (PDF) [150KB] SRBC's EHO/Isopleth12/07/2022 
CD10.7 Planning POE Final (PDF) [505KB] Mr Richard Wood26/07/2022 
CD10.8 Planning Proof of Evidence Summary (PDF) [273KB] Mr Richard Wood26/07/2022 

Transport POE_Pickerings Farm Final (PDF) [957KB]

Mr Neil Stevens26/07/2022 
CD10.10 Transport POE_Pickerings Farm SUMMARY Final (PDF) [226KB] Mr Neil Stevens26/07/2022 

Transport Appendix 1 - LCC Highways_EIA Scoping Opinion Response Pickerings Fm as 23_11_18 (PDF) [184KB]

Transport Appendix 2 (PDF) [346KB]

Transport Appendix 3 (PDF) [153KB]

Transport Appendix 3C- LCC Highways_Comment Draft Masterplan as 16_01_19 (PDF) [318KB]

Transport Appendix 3D (PDF) [1MB]

Transport Appendix 3E (PDF) [2MB]

Transport Appendix 3G (PDF) [968KB]

Transport Appendix 3H (PDF) [78KB]

Transport Appendix 3I (PDF) [203KB]

Transport Appendix 3K (PDF) [412KB]

Transport Appendix 4 (PDF) [319KB]

Transport Appendix 5 (PDF) [193KB]

Transport Appendix 6 - VN211918 The Lanes Penwortham - Minutes 220527_Edits final LCC and NH (PDF) [161KB]

Transport Appendix 7 - VN211918 The Lanes Penwortham - Minutes 220530 - LCC Amended 15 06 2022 NS_DRW_WH-E (PDF) [186KB]

Transport Appendix 9 (PDF) [2MB]

Transport Appendix 10 (PDF) [2MB]

Transport Appendix 11 (PDF) [2MB]

Transport Appendix 12 (PDF) [170KB]

Transport Appendix 13 (PDF) [748KB]

Transport Appendix 14 (PDF) [735KB]

Transport Appendix 15 Unconstrained LCC June 22 V6 (PDF) [232KB]

Transport Appendix 16A-F (PDF) [1MB]

Transport Appendix 17 - Junction Modelling Results (PDF) [15MB]

Transport Appendix 18 (PDF) [274KB]

Transport Appendix 19 (PDF) [267KB]

Transport Appendix 20 (PDF) [449KB]

Transport Appendix 22 (PDF) [3MB]

Transport Appendix 23 (PDF) [1MB]

Transport Appendix 24 (PDF) [3MB]

Transport Appendix 26 (PDF) [403KB]

Transport Appendix 27 (PDF) [250KB]

Mr Neil Stevens26/07/2022 
CD10.12 Urban Design Proof of Evidence (PDF) [752KB] Dr Darren Price26/07/2022 
CD10.13 Urban Design Summary Proof of Evidence (PDF) [113KB] Dr Darren Price26/07/2022 
CD10.14 Viability PoE_Pickering's Farm - FINAL (PDF) [467KB] Mr Murray Lloyd26/07/2022 
CD10.15 Viability PoE_Pickering's Farm Summary - FINAL (PDF) [347KB] Mr Murray Lloyd26/07/2022 
CD10.16 Viability PoE_Pickering's Farm Appendices (PDF) [5MB] Mr Murray Lloyd25/05/2022 
CD10.17 Air Quality Proof of Evidence (PDF) [383KB] Mr Neil Martin  
CD10.18 Interested Parties Representations - Appeal (PDF) [137MB] Various25/05/2022CD10.17
 Other Appeal Documents   
CD10.19Strategic Housing Land Availability AssessmentSRBC01/04/2022 
CD10.20National Design CodeGOV.UK01/10/2019
Updated 30/01/2021
CD10.21National Model Design Code Parts 1 and 2GOV.UKJune 2021 
CD10.22Building for a Healthy LifeUrban Design Group2020 
CD10.23 Indicative Phasing and Implementation Plan (PDF) [3MB] (reference number duplicated in error)Avison YoungJuly 2022 
CD10.23 Background Topic Paper Strategic Sites and Locations Assessment (PDF) [1MB]  (reference number duplicated in error)Joint Advisory CommitteeMarch 2011 
CD10.24 Draft S106 HOTs for discussion (PDF) [182KB] Avison Young14/07/2020 
CD10.25 Central Lancashire Urban Village (PDF) [37MB] Taylor WoodrowMarch 2007 
CD10.26 Pickering's Farm Development Statement February 2013 (PDF) [24MB] Taylor Wimpey/HCAFebruary 2013 
CD10.27 Response to Inspectors Letter on behalf of Taylor Wimpey (PDF) [109KB] HOW PlanningSeptember 2011 

Central Lancashire Transport Study 2008 (PDF) [1MB]

Central Lancashire Transport Study 2008 Appendices (PDF) [20MB]

SRBC/Partners in Association with GVA Grimley2008 
CD10.29 Strategic Sites and Locations Assessment BTP Revised Nov 11 final (PDF) [977KB] SRBCNovember 2011 
CD10.30 Statement of Common Ground between LCC and SRBC (PDF) [297KB] SRBC/LCCMarch 2013 
CD10.31 WSP Study (PDF) [1MB] WSPJuly 2022 
CD10.32 South Ribble Local Plan 2000 (PDF) [720KB] SRBC  
CD10.33 Central Lancashire Infrastructure Delivery Schedule (PDF) [206KB] Preston CC/South Ribble BC/Chorley BCJanuary 2012 
CD10.34 Planning for Air Quality IAQM (PDF) [738KB]  January 2017 
CD10.35 Inspector's letter of 27 July 11 (PDF) [99KB]  27/07/2011 
CD10.36 Inspector's letter of 15 July 11 (PDF) [80KB]  15/07/2011 
CD10.37 Manual for Streets 1 (PDF) [4MB]    
CD10.38 Manual for Streets 2 (PDF) [17MB]    
CD10.39 Vectos Technical Note 03 (PDF) [199KB]    
CD10.40 Vectos Technical Note 04 (PDF) [469KB]    
CD10.41 Create Streets Briefing Paper Computer Says Road (PDF) [1MB] Create StreetsFebruary 2022 
CD10.42 Transportation Professional Article (PDF) [378KB] CIHTOctober 2021 
CD10.43 EU SUMP-PLUS (Sustainable urban Mobility Planning) (PDF) [1MB]  April 2022 
CD10.44 Appeal Decision Hartford (Refs APP/A0665/A/12/2179410 & APP/A0665/A/12/2179374) (PDF) [790KB]  November 2013 
CD10.45TCPA Garden City Standards for the 21st CenturyTCPASeptember 2020 
CD10.46 Decarbonising Transport – A Better, Greener Britain (PDF) [9MB] DfTJuly 2021 
CD10.47 RTPI Net Zero Transport (PDF) [3MB] RTPIJanuary 2021 
CD10.48 CIHT Better Planning Better Transport Better Places (PDF) [2MB] CIHTAugust 2019 
CD10.49 DfT Circular September 2013 (PDF) [100KB] DfTSeptember 2013 
CD10.50 DfT Circular July 2022 (PDF) [339KB] DfTJuly 2022 
CD10.51 SRBC Climate Emergency Action Plan (PDF) [670KB] SRBCJuly 2021 
CD10.52 IPCC Special Report Global Warming (PDF) [18MB]    
CD10.53The European Green DealEuropean Commission2020 
CD10.54 A582 South Ribble Western Distributor Strategic Ouline Business Case (PDF) [6MB] LCCJuly 2019 
CD10.55 A582 South Ribble Western Distributor Traffic Forecasting Report (PDF) [7MB] LCCJuly 2019 
CD10.56 A582 Dualling EIA Chapter 12 (PDF) [9MB] LCCFebruary 2020 
CD10.57 Bee Lane Access Designer's Response Form (PDF) [2MB]    
CD10.58 Bee Lane RSA1 (PDF) [770KB] Vectos  
CD10.59 Cycle infrastructure design LTN 1 20 (PDF) [15MB] GOV.UK  
CD10.60 Appellant Pickerings Farm PoE CA Final with App 1-6 (PDF) [14MB] Avison Young26/07/2022 
CD10.61 Planning Summary Proof of Evidence (PDF) [227KB] Avison Young5/08/2022 

Appellant VN211918 The Lanes Penwortham - M Axon PoE_Final - Volume 1 (PDF) [16MB]

Appellant VN211918 The Lanes Penwortham - M Axon PoE_Final - Volume 2 Appendices (PDF) [20MB]

CD10.63 Appellant VN211918 The Lanes Penwortham - M Axon Summary PoE_Final (PDF) [635KB] VectosTBC 
CD10.64 Appellant Masterplan_Witness_Statement_220726_Final (PDF) [4MB] 5Plus26/07/2022 
CD10.65 Masterplanning Summary Proof of Evidence (PDF) [113KB] 5Plus3/08/2022 
CD10.66 Draft Planning Conditions (PDF) [227KB] SRBC25/05/2022 
CD10.67Section 106 Heads of Terms  To follow
CD10.68 Transport Rebuttal - Final (PDF) [354KB] Mr Neil Stevens  
CD10.69 M Axon Rebuttal of Mr N Stevens and Dr D Price Evidence Final - Volume 1 (PDF) [3MB] Taylor Wimpey and Homes EnglandAugust 2022 
CD10.70 M Axon Rebuttal of Mr N Stevens and Dr D Price Evidence Final Volume 2 Appendices (PDF) [10MB] Taylor Wimpey and Homes EnglandAugust 2022 
CD10.71 National Highways Letter - Pickerings Farm Final View on Proposals (PDF) [212KB] Mr Warren Hilton28/07/2022 
CD10.72 Pickerings Farm Appellants' Opening Submissions (PDF) [217KB] Chris Katkowski QC/Constanze Bell23/08/2022 
CD10.73 Pickerings Farm Appellants' Appearances (PDF) [95KB]  23/08/2022 
CD10.74 Pickerings Farm LPA Opening Submissions (PDF) [170KB] Ian Ponter23/08/2022 
CD10.75 Interested Party Statement - Cllr Karen Walton (PDF) [23KB] Cllr Karen Walton23/08/2022 
CD10.76 Interested Party Statement - Graham Eastham (PDF) [77KB] Graham Eastham23/08/2022 
CD10.77 Interested Party Statement - Mike Bowe (PDF) [24KB] Mike Bowe23/08/2022 
CD10.78 Pickerings Farm LPA's Appearances (PDF) [93KB]  23/08/2022 
CD10.79 Pickerings Farm Development Statement March 2011 (PDF) [71MB] Taylor Wimpey/Homes & Communities AgencyMarch 2011 
CD10.80 Spine Road Land (PDF) [512KB]    
CD10.81 Transport Statement of Common Ground (PDF) [896KB] Vectos/Lancashire County Council24/08/2022 
CD10.82 CBLR Movement Corridor Criteria (PDF) [95KB]  24/08/2022 
CD10.83 Proposed Site Access Arrangement - Wider plan (Single Carriageway Approach) (PDF) [538KB] Vectos24/11/21VN211918-D109
CD10.84 Email A Pike to P Whitaker August 2022 - Risk Assessment Clarification (PDF) [341KB] Vectos24/08/2022 
CD10.85 Third Party Representation (PDF) [1MB]  31/08/2022 
CD10.86 Pickerings Statement Cllr Foster (PDF) [103KB] Cllr P Foster31/08/2022 
CD10.87 MA Clarification - Updated Transport Assessment Table 6.4 from TA (PDF) [78KB]    
CD10.88 MA Comments on KBLR Representation Sept 2022 (PDF) [87KB]    
CD10.89 05745_MP_00_1002-103 Building Heights (PDF) [537KB] 5plus architects MP_00_1002 - Rev 103
CD10.90 05745_MP_00_2002-104 Building Heights (PDF) [526KB] 5plus architects MP_00_2002 - Rev 104
CD10.91 VN211918-D105-A - Proposed Site Access Arrangement (Bee Lane) 4-8-21 (PDF) [470KB] Vectos04/08/2021VN211918-D105
CD10.92 VN211918-D109 - Proposed Site Access Arrangement - Wider Plan (Single Carriageway Approach) 24-11-21 (PDF) [538KB] Vector24/11/2021VN211918-D109
CD10.93 Tempro Summary (PDF) [130KB] Mike Axon01/09/2022 
CD10.94 Local Planning Authority's Closing Submissions (PDF) [227KB] Ian Ponter08/09/2022 

Appellants' Closing Submissions (PDF) [368KB]

Cherkley (PDF) [143KB]

Chris Katkowski KC/Constanze Bell

Mr Justice Haddon-Cave




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