The Council is responsible for licensing Hackney Carriages and Private Hire vehicles in South Ribble.

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Hackney Carriage Vehicles

Hackney Carriages in South Ribble have blue identification plates on the front and rear of the vehicle and may be flagged down on any street in the Borough when the top box is illuminated, or wait at designated taxi ranks, whereas a Private Hire Vehicle must be booked in advance through the Operator.

All journeys in Hackney Carriages must be charged on the meter unless a fare has been agreed in advance. Inside the vehicle there will be a meter, a fare card setting out the prescribed tariff and an internal plate displaying the vehicle details and licence expiry date. The driver will also be wearing an identification badge displaying their name, licence number and expiry date. Hackney Carriages and their appropriate documentation are checked regularly.

Hackney Carriage Tariff 

Private Hire Vehicles

Private hire vehicles have a yellow rear identification plate and must bear a door sign showing 'Private Hire Vehicle - this vehicle must be pre-booked. Inside the vehicle there may be a meter and an internal plate displaying the vehicle details and licence expiry date. The driver will also be wearing an identification badge.

Fares for private hire vehicles are not regulated by the council - the cost of a journey will normally be based on a rate per mile or should be agreed with the company before the journey.

Private hire operator guidance 

Become a Licensed Private Hire or Hackney Carriage Driver

Stage one for a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire drivers licence application is a successful completion of the relevant knowledge test and CSE training course. 

All applicants will be eligible for three attempts to pass this knowledge test at a cost of £25 (per test). Please note a 'no show' will be treated as a failed attempt. If additional tests are required a minimum waiting period of 4 weeks is mandatory.

Tuesday 10:30am for Private Hire Drivers

Wednesday 2:30pm for Hackney Carriage Driver

To book on to an available session please call 01772 625625 and register your details.

Documentation to help guide you on your courses

New driver guidance

Vehicle application guidance

Taxi Licensing fees

DBS Enhanced Disclosure Guidance

Knowledge test guidance notes (PDF) [249KB]

Group II medical form (PDF) [397KB]

Driver Renewal Guidance

Hackney Carriage Tariff

Private Hire operator guidance

Vehicle Roadworthiness Certificate (PDF) [318KB]

Taxi trade forums

Medical exemption application form (Dogs) (PDF) [214KB]

Medical exemption application form (Wheelchair) (PDF) [212KB]

Step-by-step CSE user guide (PDF) [667KB]


Processing of badges

Same day processing of Badges or Plates will incur a £20 additional fee for administration cost.

In the unlikely event a same day issue of badge is not possible, if a charge has been taken, a refund will be given.

Further Documents

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy (PDF) [2MB]

Modified vehicle policy

Wheelchair acccessible vehicles

Unmet demand survey (PDF) [872KB]

Taxi Driver whistleblowing (PDF) [89KB]

Privacy policy

Approved garage list (PDF) [120KB] (opens new window)