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Leyland Town Fund

A landmark bid has been submitted to the Government's £3.6 billion Town Fund to improve Leyland as a place to live, work and enjoy leisure time.

If successful, the town will receive £25 million to invest in current and new buildings to create a 'new heart' for Leyland. The outcome of the bid is expected early 2021.

The bid was issued by the Leyland Town Board, made up of local businesses and stakeholders and is supported by South Ribble Borough Council.

The proposals put forward in the bid are around three key project areas:

Leyland town centre improvements

Through the Town Investment Plan, we seek to transform Leyland Town Centre creating a new vibrant heart to the town and the creation of two new public spaces for Leyland as a new focus for people and events:

  • The Market Square, a civic space that will provide a new focal point within the town centre interfacing with the Leyland Market and businesshub project 
  • A Church Place, a new green space just off Hough Lane. 

The proposals also create:

  • Public realm improvements including new bus stops on King Street, the frontage of the Commercial Vehicle Museum Hough Lane (subject to agreement with the museum), and to Chapel Brow and Station Brow e.g. shared spaces, shop forecourts, outdoor seating, wayfinding, and tree planting;
  • Commercial development opportunities to diversify the town centre's offer including commercial units for food and drink and town centre living;
  • The upgrade and provision of new sustainable connectivity including:
  • the relocation of Ecroyd Street car park to create central space and open up pedestrian and cycle access from the north;
  • car parking upgrades including provision of electric charging points and cycle parking. This includes the existing King Street Car park with serves nearby businesses as well as the town centre;
  • improved connectivity along Hough Lane/Chapel Brow/Station Brow and to the station;
  • improved walking and cycling facilities and links to the King Street Car park from Hough Lane where air quality is currently poor, to reduce reliance on cars; and
  •  improved connectivity to strategic employment and leisure hub development sites, unlocking potential developments 

Leyland Market improvements

As part of the market's regeneration, we propose to make improvements both inside and out.

With the funding we will refurbish the interior of the market building, updating the branding/signage for the existing stalls and upgrading the central stalls.

We also propose to invest in the existing market hall structure, using the funding to retain the internal historic building structure (formerly a Leyland Motors building), and replace the long-term problematic roof with a new sustainable structure, ensuring that this building is fit for its long-term future and embracing innovation. 2.47 In addition to this we propose to expand the market facility creating new external stalls to wrap the market building and have a direct relationship to a new market square. The servicing area for the market will be relocated to accommodate this.

A business hub development for business for workspace, events and skills

The BASE2 is a town centre Business Advice Skills and Enterprise hub.

It will be in a new, modern building at the Iddon's factory site, adjacent to the existing market car park.

This area will be transformed into a Market Square, a new focal heart for Leyland the BASE2 building will be a key element of this transformation.

The BASE2 will create space for local people and businesses to learn, work and grow together, including a mix of start-up, learning, events and commercial space. It will also house a café for informal meetings.

The proposals cover the area of Hough Lane, Church Brow and Stanifield Lane and include the creation of a new Market Square.

A consultation on the proposals took place in September where views were  invited from residents and businesses. Over 2,000 people responded to the consultation with an overwhelming positive feedback for the plans.

Compete bid document

Leyland Town Fund Masterplan (PDF) [10MB]

Please note that this pdf is not fully accessible. If you would like to see the document in another format, please contact

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