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What Council Tax is used for

We collect Council Tax on behalf of government organisations in the area. These include:

Elected councillors agree a budget each year that shows how much money we will need for the services we will be providing, and where the money will come from. View information on the budget agenda 2023.

We receive only 10% of the total Council Tax we collect from each household (based on a band D property). The rest is distributed to Lancashire County Council, police, fire, and local parish councils.

View more information on Council Tax charges 2023/24

You can view your here. 

View information about Council Tax discounts and exemptions.

This is the 2023/24 Council Tax breakdown based on a band D property (excluding parish precepts)

South Ribble Council10%   £223.24
Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire 12%   £251.45
Lancashire County Council 74%£1,574.71
Lancashire Combined Fire Authority  4%     £82.27


The South Ribble Council element of Council Tax pays for many services, including:

  • building control
  • environmental and regulatory services
  • health and recreation services
  • housing and community services
  • planning and development services
  • bin collection and recycling
  • street cleansing
  • democratic services
  • revenues and benefits service.

If you receive Council Tax Support and you have a bill showing a balance of £0.00 this means you have nothing to pay for this year unless your circumstances change.  The amount of Council Tax Support you receive is based on your income.

If you already had a direct debit set up on your account last year you don't need to do anything the payments will be taken automatically under the existing direct debit. The dates payments will be taken are shown on your bill.

Lancashire County Council's services include:

  • education
  • adult social care
  • social services
  • libraries
  • recreation
  • tourism

Parish council charges

Each parish sets its own precept. This is the amount of money it would like to raise from its taxpayers to allow it to carry out local projects and maintain assets that it owns in the parish. If you would like to find out more about what your local parish uses its funds for you should contact your local parish council. 

Council Tax budget summary 2023/24

On average, for a band D property, the total payable amount in comparison to last year has increased by 4%

South Ribble Council's element of the Council Tax bill in 2023/24 has been frozen (0% increase).

View details about Member's allowance

Lancashire County Council's (LCC) general part of the bill has increased by 2%. 

Lancashire County Council adult social care precept has increased by 2%.

View more information about Lancashire County Council's budget

Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire's part of the bill has increased by 4.4%.

View more information about the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire budget

Lancashire Combined Fire Authority's part of the bill has increased by 6.9%. 

View more information about Lancashire Combined Fire Authorities budget

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