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Council-run events and committees cancelled due to coronavirus


The government's daily updates regarding coronavirus continue to inform the council's decision-making.

Click here to read the latest information coming out of central government.

The council now has to look at all the cultural and community events it had intending on running, as well as council meetings and committees.

We regret that we have no option, in light of the government's advice, to cancel the following events, meetings and committees.

Council-run events and committees listed below are cancelled

  • All events at the South Ribble Museum & Exhibition Centre are cancelled, and the museum is closed until further notice

  • Shared Services Joint Comittee (26 March) - cancelled

  • The Mayor of South Ribble's Buffet and Music Evening (26 March) - cancelled

  • BIIAB Personal Licence Training Course (26 March) - cancelled

  • Governance Committee (31 March) - cancelled

  • Planning Committee (1 April) - cancelled — decision-making on agenda items is delegated to the Director of Planning and Property, Jonathan Noad, in consultation with the Chair of the Planning Commitee, Councillor Caleb Tomlinson. An agenda will still be circulated as normal and will be made available to support this process

  • Longton Market (3 April) - cancelled

  • BIIAB Personal Licence Training Course (26 April) - cancelled

  • Mayoress at Home (30 April) - cancelled

  • Longton Market (1 May) - cancelled

  • Mayor's Thanksgiving Service (3 May) - cancelled

  • Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Election 2020 (7 May) - cancelled

  • Penwortham Live (15 & 16 May) - cancelled

  • Leyland's Music in the Park (19 June) - cancelled

  • Leyland Festival (20 June) - cancelled

  • Longton Live (10 & 11 July) - cancelled

  • Longton Live Family Fun Day (11 July) - cancelled

This is a list of council-run events that are cancelled.

For info on other event cancellations around South Ribble and Lancashire, you may wish to consult with the following pages: