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Private houses

Drain is the term given to a pipe that carries waste and water away from houses. When one drain connects to another it becomes a sewer. The public sewer system in South Ribble is maintained by United Utilities.

Private sewers

Ownership of private sewers and lateral drains transferred from private individuals to water and sewerage companies in 2011.

This includes all drains and sewers connected to the current public sewerage system. United Utilities became responsible for the maintenance and repair of the private sewers in South Ribble. You should contact Untied Utilities if you have a blocked drainage system at your property. Call 0300 123 6780 or find out more on the United Utilities website.

Remember that you are still responsible for the section of private drainage that serves your property and is located within the property boundary. The council may still become involved if someone is either unable or unwilling to deal with a private drainage problem at their property. In these cases we are able to serve a legal notice requiring the work to be done. The remedial work may be undertaken by the council and charged to the owners if they fail to comply.

Highway Drainage

Lancashire County Council is responsible for road drainage in South Ribble. Residents should therefore report blocked, defective road gullies and flooding of the highway directly to Lancashire County Council on 0300 123 6780.


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