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Lateral Flow testing

Community Lateral Flow Asymptomatic Testing

Anyone in England who does not have symptoms can now get regular rapid lateral flow tests to check for coronavirus.

How can you access a test?

  • Get tested at a local test centre
  • Pick up home test kits from a local test centre or pharmacy
  • Have tests sent to your home

Get a Covid 19 test

Why you should get tested regularly?

About 1 in 3 people with coronavirus do not have symptoms but can still infect others.

Getting tested regularly is the only way to know if you have the virus. If people test positive and self-isolate, it helps stop the virus spreading.


About rapid tests

The test for people without coronavirus symptoms is called a rapid lateral flow test.

This usually involves rubbing a long cotton bud (swab) over your tonsils (or where they would have been) and inside your nose.

The tests can give you a result in 30 minutes. They use a device similar to a pregnancy test and do not need to be sent to a lab.

You can do a rapid test at home or at a rapid lateral flow test site.

If you test positive, you and anyone you live with will need to self-isolate. You will also need to book a PCR test to confirm your result.


What to expect from a Lateral Flow test

Please see the attached testing process steps that can be shared with those attending - also it is requested that the subject refrains from eating around 30 mins before the test.  


Symptomatic testing

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been asked to confirm a lateral flow positive test, you can book a test though the NHS.

Book a test on the NHS website


Helping businesses with regular testing for their workforce

We aim to support businesses and services in providing the facility for frontline workers to undergo periodic rapid testing - until that business or service can establish its own testing regime. 

If you do not already have a testing regime in place you can book a test at Lancaster Way Community Centre by calling 01772 625688 or email and a member of the team will look to make this booking with you. For larger employers, where possible we could look to block out time slots for your businesses if it is not convenient to book individual appointments.

You can also instruct your employees to be tested at Valley Church, Bamber Bridge from Monday - Friday (9am - 5pm) with no appointment needed.

Lancashire County Council is also offering businesses the opportunity to register an interest in implementing a testing regime within the workplace.  If you would prefer this method, you can now register your commitment.



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