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Service updates - Covid-19

1.   Waste services

All collections of waste, recycling and garden waste bins are running as normal. 

Click here to find your bin collection dates.

Click here to read the latest guidance on how you can do your bit to ensure bin collections can continue in South Ribble.

Click here for updates about Garden Waste Collections.

Bulky waste 

Bulky waste collections (southribble.gov.uk/bulky-waste) re-starting from Tuesday 26 May

After suspending the service in the wake of the covid-19 response, we are now re-starting our bulky waste collections.

Bookings will begin to be taken Monday 18 May.

The service will be running as normal, but if anyone at the property is currently diagnosed or symptomatic with coronavirus, the items need to be outside for 72hrs (covered if soft furnishings and freely available without further interaction with the occupants) prior to collection.

If you have booked, are symptomatic and have not allowed the 72 hours, you will need to instead book for the following week.

You can book your collection by calling 01772 625 625

Garden Waste collection Scheme

We are still accepting new subscribers to the 2020/21 Garden Waste Collection Scheme which begins on 1 April 2020 (complete your subscription online at southribble.gov.uk/gardenwaste) and costs £25 per year for every bin you wish to be collected.

2.   Parks 

Play areas and playgrounds are closed.

We have put signs up to tell people not to use the play areas or go on the equipment.

The bigger parks such as Worden Park, Withy Grove Park and Hurst Grange Park remain open but people must be sensible, practice social distancing, and stay two metres apart at all times.

We have put posters up on park noticeboards to remind people about the two metre rule and that anyone with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature should be self-isolating at home. 

Public toilets in parks are shut along with refreshment kiosks.

Please do not drive long distances to come and visit South Ribble parks — more info here: southribble.gov.uk/SRBC-advises-against-long-distance-travel-to-its-parks

3.   Open spaces

SRBC's Neighbourhood Team has seen its workforce significantly reduced due to people self-isolating so we must cut back on some services.

Grass cutting briefly ceased and restarted on 30 April concentrating resources on the major parks and main highway verges, housing estate verges and greens will be cut as resources allow.

The schedue to empty public bins will be slightly revised.

4.   Council events

Latest event cancellations can be found here.

5.   Takeaway establishments

Takeaway establishments in South Ribble are still allowed to operate, but they are strictly limited to take-out meals and deliveries only.

They must not provide an 'eat in' option and customers must collect their food and leave the premises swiftly and carefully, being sure to comply with social distancing guidelines from the government (keep your distance; two metres apart).

Delivery drivers are exercising a policy (encouraged by the likes of Just Eat) whereby they will knock on the door and/or ring the doorbell, place your order at the door / on the door mat, and then start walking away. 

6.   Pest control

Some pest control services have now resumed – but we are restricted to exterior treatments only, as we cannot enter people's homes due to Covid-19.

Click here for the pest control web page. We are able to tackle problems you may have outside your home, such as wasps, but we cannot tackle interior pests inside your home at the present time.

For pest control problems inside the home, we may still be able to offer advice, though, despite not being allowed yet to attend your property and treat for it.

For help, and to book urgent work, please complete our online pest control enquiry form or call our contact centre on 01772 625625.