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Public Health Funerals

The council has a duty to carry out burials or cremations in exceptional circumstances, usually when no suitable arrangements are being made.

Where possible, the costs of this are recovered from the estate of the deceased.

Frequently asked questions

Public Health Funerals are the subject of frequent Freedom of Information requests, and the answers to the most commonly asked questions are as follows:

  • The council does not use solicitors, probate specialists or genealogical companies to trace relatives. Council officers carry out this function when required
  • The council does not have a contract with a designated funeral director
  • Placing notices in newspapers would be arranged by the funeral director
  • None of these funerals have required a formal notification to the Dutchy of Lancaster
  • None of these funerals have resulted in notification to the Land Registry, as none of the estates have included land or property
  • Due to the infrequent nature of these funerals no individual officer is designated for dealing with these matters

Follow this link for details of the Public Health Funerals the council has carried out.