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Procurement policy and strategy

New 2019/2022 Joint Procurement Policy

South Ribble and Chorley Borough Councils have adopted a new 2019/22 Joint Procurement Policy.  The Joint Procurement Policy defines the framework for promoting effective and responsible procurement across both councils and includes a number of targets and actions to deliver the three Joint Procurement Priorities listed below.  The new policy is closely linked to the National Procurement Strategy themes of “Showing Leadership”,” Behaving Commercially” and “Driving Community Benefits”, which are seen as central to successful delivery.

Joint Procurement Priorities

  • Procurement that shows strong Leadership, engages all stakeholders, delivering outcomes and complying with relevant rules both internal and external
  • Procurement that exploits the benefits of technology, is market & commercially aware, harnesses innovation, is effectively managed and delivers sustained competitiveness & value for money
  • Procurement that is inclusive, sustainable and socially responsible

The Policy can be viewed here.