Management re-structure could save council £400k

MORE time has been given to consider a management re-structure at South Ribble Borough Council.

The plans, which could save taxpayers £400,000 a year, were due to be voted on last night. But councillors asked for the decision to be deferred until the next meeting in November to give them chance to look at them in greater detail.

The proposed re-structure would transform the way the council works and see more services being shared with neighbouring Chorley Borough Council.

After a debate at last night’s full council meeting (Wednesday), it has been agreed that a cross-party working group will be formed to examine the finer details of shared services. There will also be learning sessions held to ensure all councillors are engaged in the process.

Councillor Peter Mullineaux, Leader of South Ribble Borough Council, said: “We welcomed the report from the Chief Executive at last night’s meeting and fully support the re-structure proposals.

“All local councils are facing challenging times and it is vital that we look at the way we operate to continue to deliver the very best services and value for money for our residents.

“This is a big decision for the council and our staff and we are absolutely committed to getting it right.”

Paul Foster, Leader of the Opposition, said: “We are fully supportive that a re-structure is required at the Council.

“We are also fully committed to shared services and totally dedicated to the wellbeing of all staff.”

The proposals to increase shared services builds on a decade of the two authorities pooling resources in order to deliver value for money for residents.

The need to make savings was highlighted as part of the budget process earlier in the year, when it was revealed that the Council’s budget deficit is likely to be just over £1 million by April 2018, rising to £2.6 million by 2020.

The plans are now expected to be considered at the next meeting of full council, on 22 November, 2017.