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Council Tax Support

The previous Council Tax Benefit scheme ended on 31st March 2013, and was replaced by South Ribble Borough Council’s new Council Tax Support scheme.

The council’s scheme will adopt all of the aspects of the previous Council Tax Benefit scheme. Therefore those with the greatest need will receive the most assistance. This assessment will be undertaken utilising premiums and allowances based on individual circumstances. This calculation will then be adjusted for Work Age Council Tax Support recipients by reducing the amount of support by £3.50 per week.

Those who were previously receiving Council Tax Benefit were automatically transferred to Council Tax Support on 1st April 2013, and received a new award notification in March saying how much they would receive. Council Tax Support is paid in exactly the same way (i.e. credited directly to your Council Tax account).  The Council Tax department will tell you how much Council Tax you need to pay on your bill for the new financial year.

Council Tax Support is exactly the same as Council Tax Benefit if you are a pensioner and you have reached the qualifying age for state pension credit. This means you will not “lose” money under the new scheme. You are not classed as “pensioner” if you are of pension age and you or a partner is in receipt of Income Support, Jobseekers' Allowance (income-based) or Employment and Support Allowance (income-related) and Universal Credit.

The main differences under the scheme for working age claimants are:

• that you will have to pay at least £3.50 of your Council Tax regardless of your income
• an increase in non-dependent deductions