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Clayton Hall Landfill

We are receiving a large number of calls about the Clayton Hall Landfill site.

As the site sits within the Chorley borough, Chorley Council are providing regular updates on their website.

You can find these at: http://chorley.gov.uk/news/Pages/Clayton-Hall-Landfill.aspx

We are liaising closely with our partners to help residents affected in South Ribble.

However, as you will read below, the issue is being dealt with by the Environment Agency, and so if you have any questions or concerns you should contact them directly.

You can visit their dedicated web page at: https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/cumbria-and-lancashire/clayton-hall-landfill-site-whittle-le-woods-lancs/ for all the latest updates.

Both Chorley Council and South Ribble Council have no powers to enforce any action at the landfill site.

Key contacts are listed at the bottom of this page.

Environment Agency Press Release - February 2018

Click this link to read the EA press release in full

Environment Agency Newsletter - February 2018

Click this link to read the latest update from the Environment Agency.

Chorley Council update – January 2018:

Clayton Hall landfill

We are aware that there is a large amount of concern regarding the Clayton Hall landfill site and the unpleasant odour it is emitting.

Where is the site?

The landfill site, is off Dawson lane, Whittle-le-Woods, and the smell has been affecting the Whittle-le-Woods, Clayton-le-Woods and Buckshaw Village areas.

What is Chorley Council’s involvement?

As the site has an environmental permit issued by the Environment Agency, our usual involvement with nuisance such as odour and noise is conditioned by the permit and therefore we are excluded from taking enforcement action.

It is for the Environment Agency to enforce the conditions of the permit they have issued. 

Lancashire County Council is the planning authority for the site, so our planning team is in a similar position where action is restricted.

Although we can’t take action ourselves we are working with the Environment Agency, the site owner and other agencies to ensure action is being taken to tackle the problem and to help keep residents informed.

What has caused the smell?

Work has been taking place on site which meant the operator has had to cut through the existing tip, which has led to the smell being created.

What is being done to rectify the problem?

The Environment Agency has carried out a number of checks to verify the source of the odour, identify the cause and determine the measures necessary to address the issue.

The permit holder, Quercia Ltd, has to take appropriate measures to minimise the impact the site is having on the community and it has now begun to improve gas collection and containment and install more gas wells as part of an ongoing programme of remedial works.

The installation of additional gas collection wells is expected to better contain landfill gas, the source of the odour. This work is a significant civil engineering project being undertaken at the operator’s expense. While this work takes place it will mean more of the waste is disturbed and unfortunately it will mean the smell will likely remain albeit we know it varies each day.

The Environment Agency is inspecting the site on a regular basis and the operator will be made to monitor air quality and take expert advice as required.

When will the problem be solved?

The gas infrastructure improvement works on site are scheduled for completion by the end of January but at this stage there is no certainty as to whether this will prevent any smells coming from the site.

Once that work is done it will be reviewed and the Environment Agency will have a better idea as to whether it has resolved the problem or if further work needs to be undertaken.

What should I do if I have concerns about my health?

We are working with Public Health England to provide information to residents but recent studies show there is no cause for alarm. People can be sensitive to these smells at a very low threshold, which is why people are noticing the smell.

There is a useful document from the Health Protection Agency ‘Impact on health of emissions from landfill sites’, which you can view here, and it explains why people may have symptoms such as itchy eyes.

The advice we’re being given is for people with any health concerns to contact their local GP or ring the NHS helpline 111.

Contact details

We understand this issue is a big concern for residents and we are doing all we can to get it sorted on your behalf but we’d ask people not to contact us because we don’t have any more information than is provided on this page.

If you are experiencing smells you can report it to the site operator on 01254 506351/07961 403782 or report it as an incident to the Environment Agency on 0800 807060.

You can view the Environment Agency’s latest newsletter here – we expect an updated version to be provided next week.