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Biodiversity Strategy

South Ribble's Existing Strategies and Action Plans

This Biodiversity Strategy is designed to sit with and complement existing Strategies and Action Plans:

  • Air Quality Strategy and Action Plan
    Air quality can be improved by greening the environment as all plants capture and store CO2 and provide oxygen.  Whilst trees are important, they should not be planted at the expense of other habitats with equal or greater biodiversity importance.
  • Climate Emergency Strategy and Action Plan
    The offsetting targets of Climate Change Plans are often linked to the greening of the environment - tree planting, re-wildling, helping pollinators, championing peat free compost and rainwater harvesting.  South Ribble aims to reach its target of Carbon Net Zero by 2030 without relying on offsetting. 
  • Tree Policy
  • Flood Management Plans
    Whilst these are County wide plans our resilience to flooding will be improved by greening the Borough and reducing hard landscaping. Sustainable Urban Drainage Schemes (SUDS) including the use of swales, soakaways and permeable paving will also reduce the likelihood and impact of flash flooding after major weather events.

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