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Complaints: RIPA Policy

1.1 South Ribble Borough Council's complaints procedure

If you have any reason to believe that you have been subjected to unauthorised covert surveillance by the Council, or you are unhappy about any other aspect of the Council's operation under RIPA, then you may complain.  The Council operates an internal complaints procedure and full details are available on the Council's website.. Copies are also available on request.

Complaints should be emailed to the Council or sent to the:

Shared Services Lead - Legal
South Ribble Borough Council
Civic Centre
West Paddock
PR25 1DH

1.2 Independent Tribunal

RIPA establishes an independent tribunal and this tribunal is made up of Senior Members of the Judiciary and the legal profession and is independent of the government.  The tribunal has full powers to investigate and decide any case within its jurisdiction.

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal
PO Box 33220
Tel: 0207 035 3711

Website address:

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