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Homelessness Strategy 2020-2025

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Corporate Plan

The Council's new Corporate Plan 2019-23 has recently been published setting out the Council's vision and corporate priorities for the next 4 years. The housing and homelessness priorities within the Corporate Plan are as follows:

  • Reduce the number of homeless through developing a health and prevention focused approach
  • Seek to deliver different models to provide quality homes that people can afford to live in whether they choose home ownership or rental accommodation
  • Identify actions to take forward from the 'Private Sector Stock Condition Survey'
  • Work with partners and developers to manage the rate of delivery of new homes and commercial floor space by unlocking City Deal sites prioritising infrastructure development

South Ribble Housing Strategy

Is currently being reviewed and will focus on

  • Quality Homes
  • Housing delivery
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Homelessness

South Ribble Strategic Priorities for Homelessness

The new strategy and action plan will seek to address the issues identified by the review and the success of the new strategy will be measured using the following key performance indictators (KPIs):

  •  Increasing the number of preventions/reliefs achieved by 5% over the year - base line 284
  • Ensuring that statutory presentations reduce by 5% over the year - base line 66

0% increase in the use of Bed and Breakfast accommodation - base line 5 in a year and no more than 4 weeks in bed and breakfast for families.

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