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Parking accounts 2016-17

A section 55 Parking Account must be produced each year end and must include 

  • income from on-street parking charges and on-street parking fines and off street fines
  • expenditure on the provision and maintenance of designated parking places and enforcement 

These finances are governed by section 55 (as amended) of the road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

For details on street parking, please consult Lancashire County Council's parking accounts.

Income and expenditure: Section 55
Section 55 Parking Account2016/17
Off Street Parking Fines (PCN's)(28,888)
Total Income(28,888)
Enforcement and Processing27,803
Support Services27,110
Total Expenditure54,913
(Surplus) / Deficit26,025


Additional information

The number of street pay and display parking spaces provided by the council is detailed below:

Pay and display bays: 479

Restricted bays: 1,010

Total number controlled off street parking spaces: 1,489

The local government Transparency Code requires that all local councils must publish their parking account information showing revenue collected from on-street parking, off-street parking and penalty charge notices and associated expenditure. 

For details on street parking, please consult Lancashire County Council's parking accounts.

Income and expenditure: Parking account
Parking account2016/17
Off-Street Parking Permits(11,489)
Off-Street Parking Fees(102,548)
Off Street Parking Fines (PCN's)(28,888)
Total Income(142,925)
Supplies and Services32,196
Transfer Payments2,000
Support Services81,331
Total Expenditure186,685
(Surplus) / Deficit(43,761)


PCN data

PCN data
Statistical Return 01/04/2016 to 31/03/2017 
PCNs issued Higher Contravention (£70)106
PCNs issued Lower Contravention (£50)1203
Total PCNs issued1309
PCNs paid at Discount Rate789
PCNs paid at Full Rate147
PCNs paid at Charge Certificate Stage22
PCNs paid at Debt Registration Stage0
Total Paid958
Total Unpaid342
PCNs where Charge Certificate registered at TEC27
PCNs that received an Informal Challenge438
PCNs where a Representation has been received45
PCNs cancelled after Challenge238
PCNs that went to Appeal4
PCNs cancelled 
Admin Error1
Compassionate Action24
1st Blue Badge Contravention31
Foreign Vehicle6
CEO Error9
No Contest (NPAS)3
No Registered Keeper details11
Machine Fault6
Part Payment accepted as Full4
Permit holder15
Valid P&D ticket provided170
Signs/Lines Defective2
Helping Police with enquiries1
Scottish Address1


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