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Whistleblowing policy

11. The Investigation

11.1     Where an investigation is deemed necessary responsibility for this task will be assigned to an investigating officer (depends upon the nature of the complaint). However, the Monitoring Officer retains overall ownership for dealing with concerns raised.

11.2     As part of the investigation, a record of all interviews shall be kept and statements signed by those spoken to as part of the investigation.  The role of the investigating officer is to make a judgement and form a view of the complaint based on the investigation undertaken.  The investigating officer will be required to prepare a report on their investigation and provide a set of clear conclusions and next steps, if appropriate.

11.3     The investigating officer will be required to present their report to the Monitoring Officer for action / consideration as is required.  If the Monitoring Officer is actually or potentially implicated by the investigation, then the report should be presented to the Chief Executive.

11.4     If, an initial investigation gives rise to potential disciplinary matters, the investigation will continue in accordance with the Council's Conduct and Capability Policy and Procedure. HR should be consulted at the earliest opportunity.

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