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Private Hire operator guidance

Making an Application

Prospective private hire operator applicants must ensure that any premises they wish to licence as an operator's base are within the South Ribble Borough Council boundaries.

Premises may also require planning permission before becoming a private hire operator's base. It is the owner's responsibility to check whether permission is needed, but any contentious addresses will be passed to the Council's planning department upon receipt of an application, or if the operator's address changes.

Holders of existing Private Hire Operator's Licences must submit a renewal application before the expiry date printed on the licence. Failure to renew the licence by the expiry date will result in the licence lapsing.

Once a licence has lapsed you would be committing offences by continuing to invite, accept or dispatch private hire vehicles and drivers until such time as a new application has been considered and granted.

Submitting your application

Before you come in for your appointment you must complete the on-line application form. You can then make an appointment with one of the Councils Licensing Unit by telephoning 01772 625 625 or email

When you attend the Civic Centre you must:

A. Produce a valid certificate of employer's liability insurance, (if the applicant is employing staff)

B. Produce a valid certificate of public liability insurance, (if the premises has a publicly accessible area)

C. Produce a copy of the valid planning consent (if appropriate)

D. Produce a copy of the licence issued for the use of radios (if appropriate)

E. Produce a basic disclosure certificate issued within 4 weeks of the application (unless the operator is already a South Ribble Borough Council licensed driver)

F. Non-Refundable Fee; August 2019

New operator licence fees
Number of vehiclesFee


Operator renewal licence fees
Number of vehiclesFee


Replacement item fees

Copy of licence: £10

The Licence Once issued the licence is valid for 5 years. It must be clearly displayed in the public reception area of your premises in a position where it can be easily read.

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