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Planning enforcement policy

What is planning enforcement?

3.1 Most building/engineering work and changes of the use of land or buildings need planning permission from the Council. Sometimes development is carried out without planning permission, or not in accordance with approved plans or conditions which have been approved by the Council. Cases such as these can cause serious harm to the way in which people live. Residents and businesses have a right to expect that harmful activities are dealt with effectively.

3.2 Other matters which can be considered by planning enforcement include:

  • Unauthorised display of advertisements.
  • Unauthorised works to protected trees
  • Unauthorised work to buildings listed as being of special architectural or historic interest.
  • Unauthorised demolition of certain buildings within a Conservation Area.
  • Land or property that is in such a poor condition that it adversely affects the amenity of the area.

3.3 The term used to describe such cases is, 'breach of planning control.'

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