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Planning enforcement policy

Is planning permission required?

2.1 Planning enforcement can only be considered where the building work or material change of use being undertaken requires planning permission. An initial investigation by an Enforcement Officer will determine this.

2.2 Certain types of building works or changes of use are defined as 'permitted development' which means that an application for planning permission is not required. Whether or not planning permission is required depends on several factors; these are detailed in the Town and Country Planning [General Permitted Development] Order 2015 as amended. Help in understanding 'permitted development' can be found in various sources. For example: 

2.3 In addition, the Town & Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 2010 details uses of land and buildings. The order is permissive not restrictive in that it details what is not a material change of use i.e. planning permission is not required to change from a hot food takeaway to a shop. In all other cases planning permission is only required if a change in the use of land or building is a material change of use. It is a matter for the Council as Local Planning Authority to determine if planning permission is required having regard to all material planning considerations.

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