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E-Procurement is the ability to trade with all suppliers using e-mail and web technology. It removes paper processes and reduces costs for both buyer and supplier, making trading simpler, more efficient and more cost effective. E-procurement also helps reduce costly mistakes, such as incorrect orders and deliveries, and is a key to ensuring quick payment. Without pieces of paper to get lost in the post or mislaid within the department, supplier invoices can be turned around and settled quickly.

South Ribble Borough Council currently issues tenders and quotations electronically through the Chest, which is the North West's Regional eProcurement Portal.

Suppliers are advised to register on The Chest free of charge to view and access South Ribble Council and other Authority's procurement opportunities. This can be done by visiting:

E-procure to pay system

South Ribble Borough Council introduced an updated fully electronic procure to pay system across the authority in April 2011. This system uses internet technology to streamline procurement by employing a simple, browser based interface for the requisitioning and purchasing of goods. The system allows orders to be sent to suppliers by e-mail or, for those suppliers who cannot yet accept orders by this method, by traditional printing and posting. The Council's preferred method of sending orders is by e-mail.

The system goes on to allow Council buyers to electronically "Goods Receive" and, process the invoice for fast and efficient payment to the supplier by BACS. BACS is the Council's preferred payment method.

To ensure effective operation of this system and achieve maximum process efficiencies for both the Council and the Supplier it is essential that every invoice quotes an official Council order number. Invoices that do not quote an order number may be returned to the supplier unpaid as considered appropriate.

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