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Garden Waste: Terms and Conditions

Section 2

5. The Bins

Your garden waste bin(s) must be used for garden waste from domestic properties only (yours or your neighbour, by agreement of both parties). Only garden waste may be placed loose in the bin.

The garden waste bin(s) is provided for use by the householder(s) but remains the property of the Council.

Only garden waste bins supplied by the Council will be emptied. Garden waste presented in any other container will not be collected. There is no limit to the number of garden waste bins that can be supplied per property.

Any garden waste bin(s) supplied may not be new but will be of sufficient standard for the storage and collection of waste. The registered person is responsible for the general condition and cleaning of the garden waste bin(s) whilst in their possession.

All brown bins are subject to the container charging policy if lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.

6. Presenting Your Bins

Your garden waste bin must be presented by 7.30am on your day of collection at the edge of your property, shared drive or service strip, unless you have been advised of an alternative collection point.

The bin lid(s) must be completely closed and no additional waste placed around or on top of the bin lid(s) will be collected. If the bin(s) is too heavy to be lifted safely, the householder will be expected to remove some garden waste making it safe to lift for the next scheduled collection.

Contaminated bins (bins containing incorrect items) will not be emptied. If your bin is contaminated it is your responsibility to remove these items before the next scheduled collection. If the contamination continues we may remove the bin(s) and no refund will be issued.

A contaminated bin will be recorded by the crew on their electronic system which will be submitted to our Gateway on a real-time basis. You will be notified by a tag attached to the bin.

If your garden waste is overly compacted in your bin it may not empty correctly, if this is the case it is the residents responsibility to loosen the waste to facilitate collection on your next collection day, we will not return prior to your next scheduled collection.

In winter your garden waste may freeze in the bottom of your bin, if this happens it may not be possible to fully empty your bin if this is the case it is the resident's responsibility to loosen the waste to facilitate emptying on your next collection day, we will not return prior to your next scheduled collection.

7. Collection Days

You are entitled to a minimum of 22 collections over the 12 month period on a day advised to you by the Council. This may not be the same day as your current collection.

The council reserves the right to suspend collections in exceptional circumstances, for example adverse weather conditions. No refunds will be given in such circumstances.

8. Assisted Collections

An assisted collection is available upon request for eligible households. If you already receive an assisted waste collection this will automatically be applied when you subscribe.

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