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An exemplary council

What is an exemplary council?

An exemplary Council is a Council that:

⦁    Delivers high performing services that represent value for money
⦁    Understands the community and works with partners to make things better
⦁    Is open and transparent in its activities


How will we meet these goals? We will:
Deliver the annual governance statement action planIncluding a review of governance policies, development of a consultation toolkit and key partnerships network
Transform the way the council operatesThrough implementation of the first phase of shared services, development of the next phase and ongoing support for staff.
Deliver year one of the joint digital strategyTo deliver better, more efficient services.
Work with partners to design and deliver better public servicesThrough the South Ribble Partnership


How will we know we're succeeding?

⦁    At least 40% of service requests will be received via self-service channels
⦁    The percentage of people satisfied with South Ribble as a place to live will increase (82% in 2020)
⦁    The percentage of people satisfied with the leisure and sports facilities in their local area  will increase (53%  in 2020)
⦁    The percentage of households living in fuel poverty will be better than the North West average (11.9% in 2018)
⦁    More than 80% of customers will be satisfied with the service

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