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Pay Policy

Section 6

Gender Pay Information

The Council is requirement to report annually on gender pay gap statistics as part of the public sector equality duty. These statistics are published on its website.

Lowest Paid Employees

The basic pay of the Council's lowest paid employees comprises a locally agreed grade range implemented in April 2007 and derived from the national pay spine, as set out in the National Joint Council for Local Government Services National Agreement on Pay and Conditions of Service.

However, the Council is committed to becoming a Living Wage accredited employer. Therefore, an hourly supplement is payable to the lowest paid staff to ensure that the Council complies with the minimum hourly rate determined by the Living Wage Foundation. The Living wage is determined annually in November and is implemented from the following 1 April. The current rate is £9.30 per hour which is an annual salary of £17,942.41 11.


There are several apprentices currently employed by South Ribble Council on fixed terms contracts. This is usually a two-year period but may be longer.

With effect from 1st April 2020 an apprentice will receive the National Minimum Wage for the upper age band of 25 and over, regardless of the age of the apprentice. This is currently £8.72 per hour.

Subject to satisfactory performance in the workplace and satisfactory progress on for the qualification, the apprentice will move onto the Living wage hourly rate for the second year of the apprenticeship.

There are also a number of employees who are undertaking apprenticeships as part of their permanent role. Where employees meet the criteria for an apprenticeship, this route is the preferred option, rather than the Council funding qualification courses. The employee will continue to receive the same pay grade for their job roles.

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