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Pay Policy

Section 2


The pay policy covers the remuneration of all employees of the Council including temporary employees. Individuals engaged through employment agency arrangements would also be covered by the policy in compliance with the Agency Workers Regulations 2010.

The policy also covers employees who are within the Shared services arrangements with Chorley Council, but are directly employed by South Ribble Borough Council.

Pay Structure

In determining the pay and remuneration of its employees the Council will comply with all relevant employment legislation. This includes the Equality Act 2010 and the Part-time Regulations 2008.

The Council uses the nationally negotiated pay spine as the basis for its local pay structure, with the exception being those most senior level posts referred to within the Policy. The Council also adheres to the national pay bargaining arrangements in respect of increases to the nation pay spine.

The pay spine is used to determine the salaries of all council employees, apart from the Chief Officers and senior officers, which are addressed separately within this policy. The grading structure of most posts was established as part of the Single Status job evaluation process and subsequent pay grade structure was adopted following Council approval in April 2007. This also addressed the Council's approach to the job evaluation of posts and the harmonisation of key terms and conditions of employment. Since 2007 all new posts and posts that have changed significantly are evaluated in accordance with the same Job Evaluation Scheme. The Council operates the GLPC [Greater London Provincial Council] Scheme.

All other pay related enhancements and payable allowances/expenses are the subject of either nationally or locally negotiated and/or determined rates.

The Council complies with all relevant legislation and statutory guidance, including the Criminal Finances Act 2017 and the Intermediaries Regulation 35 (IR35), to ensure that all employees and workers engaged to cover Council posts pay the correct rates of tax and National Insurance at source.

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