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Pay Policy

Section 1


The Localism Act 2011 - [Chapter 8 - Pay Accountability] requires all local authorities in England and Wales to produce a pay policy statement from 2012/13 and for each financial year thereafter and must do so with regard to any guidance from the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. The Policy must be agreed by the Full Council and be publicly available.

Policy Objective 

The purpose of the Pay Policy is to provide transparency regarding the Council's approach to the setting of pay for all its employees and therefore identifies:

  • The methods by which salaries of all employees are determined  The details of the remuneration of its most senior employees, i.e. Chief Officers
  • The relationship between the salary of its Chief Officers and other employees within the Council.
  • Details relating to the lowest paid employees.
  • Who is responsible for ensuring that the Pay Policy is consistently complied with throughout the Council.

South Ribble Borough Council's Responsibility

It is the Council's responsibility to ensure that:

  • A policy is produced for each financial year
  • The policy is publicly available through its website
  • The policy is applied fairly and consistently and complies with all relevant legislation

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