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Discretionary Housing Payments Policy - April 2013

Purpose and Objectives


The purpose of this policy is to specify how South Ribble Borough Council will operate the scheme and to indicate the factors that will be considered when deciding if a DHP can be made. We aim to treat all claimants with equality and fairness considering the diverse needs of our customers when administering the scheme.

Statement of objectives

The Council will make DHP to claimants who meet the qualifying criteria as specified in this policy. The Council will treat all applications on their individual merits, but will seek through the operation of this policy to:

  • alleviate poverty
  • encourage and sustain people in employment
  • safeguard people's housing; keep families together
  • help people through personal crises and difficult events
  • helping those who are trying to help themselves
  • supporting the vulnerable in the local community
  • supporting young people in the transition to adult life
  • assisting people to move to affordable accommodation

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