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Benefit fraud

South Ribble Borough Council is committed to protecting public funds by ensuring that Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support is paid to the right person, at the right amount and at the right time. 

Report benefit Fraud

How we check your claim

When you make a new claim, we may request supporting evidence and make enquiries to check the information that the information you have given is accurate.

Details completed on the claim form will be compared with what you have told us on any previous claim with this authority, with any other authority and with records about you held by other government departments. 

You may be asked to provide evidence to support your claim such as your income and capital. You may also need to provide proof of your national insurance number and identity.

Routine checks on your claim

Checks can be made on your claim at any time, not just when you first make a claim. For example, sometimes a check is made on everyone getting a certain benefit or income.

What is benefit fraud

Benefit fraud is when someone gives false information to claim benefit they are not entitled to, or do not tell us when their circumstances change. This is a criminal offence that can result in prosecution and any overpaid benefit being recovered. This can include people who:

  • do not inform us that they are now living with a partner
  • do not declare that they are receiving other benefits 
  • do not report any savings or report an incorrect amount 
  • claim for children who have left home 
  • do not inform us that they have started work, or started to earn money 
  • do not declare that they have inherited money 
  • do not inform us that they are going abroad, living abroad, or have changed address 

You can help limit benefit fraud by making sure the information you give is up to date and correct.

Report benefit fraud 

We can only investigate a person if we have good reason to suspect they are committing benefit fraud, so if you know about someone doing this you can report this:

Report benefit Fraud

The information we receive is treated in the strictest confidence and you do not have to give us your personal details if you do not want to.

Suspected benefit fraud can also be reported by ringing the free national benefit fraud hotline on 0800 854 440.

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