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Adult Social Care charges 2022/23 explained

For 2022/23 LCC have increased their overall council tax charge by 3.99%, 2% to fund Adult Social Care and 1.99% to fund General Expenditure.

To clarify, the Adult Social Care element has increased by 2% or £29.12 on the overall charge (for a Band D property).

This is calculated as follows:

£29.12 (the amount of Adult Social Care increase) divided by £1,456.19 (last year's overall Band D charge) multiplied by 100 (to give a percentage figure).

Adult Social Care charges - increase on general expenditure
 2021/22 charge2022/23 chargeAmount increase (£)Overall % increase
General expenditure£1305.55£1334.53£28.981.99%
Adult Social Care£150.64£179.76£29.122.00%
Overall charge£1456.19£1514.29£58.103.99%


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